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The satellite recorded ships that could be used by the Russian occupiers to remove metal and grain from the port of Mariupol


The satellite recorded the movement of cargo ships in the occupied port of Mariupol, which the invaders could use to extract metals and grain. According to photos from Planet Labs, available on “Schemes” (Radio Svoboda), these ships have been moved to anchorages, where, according to the Mariupol City Council, they usually send products. According to journalists, the grain stored at the port’s grain terminal belongs to the state of Ukraine and most of the metal belongs to Rinat Akhmetov’s Metinvest. Earlier, Ihor Barskyi, director of the Mariupol Seaport, announced the occupiers’ intention to confiscate Ukrainian property.

According to the administration of the port of Mariupol, since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in the port area are six cargo ships under foreign flag.

Two of them are Lady Augusta (Jamaica, North America) and Jarevna (Malta). This was found out by the journalists of “Schemes”, after they analyzed the satellite images of Planet Labs together with a special profile. On May 24, the satellite recorded them near the bunk beds – specifically where the grain terminal is located.

Previously, Tzarevna was close to other berths in the port – where, according to the Mariupol City Council, metal products are usually loaded. This is evidenced by a satellite image for May 11. Lady Augusta was anchored nearby.

Now three more boats have moved to the metal loading bays. The Blue Star-1 (Panama, Central America), Azburg (Dominica) and Azov Concord (Malta).

Previously, they stood in the bunk beds near one of the exits to the Sea of ​​Azov, called the “New Gate”. This is evidenced by a photo of Planet Labs on May 11. At the same time, the satellite recorded another ship next to them – Smart (Liberia).

According Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova, this dry cargo entered the port of Mariupol before the end of the invasion and could not leave due to the occupation and the crew members were captured and removed in an unknown direction. Since then, Smarta has not changed location.

Commenting on the publication “Economic Truth”, the director of the State Enterprise “Mariupol Commercial Port” Igor Barski that about 200,000 tons of metal and cast iron valued at more than $ 170 million remain on the territory of the company.

To clarify the “Plans” Barsky noted that the vast majority of the metal belongs to the company Metinvest Rinat Akhmetov.

Metinvest confirmed this in a comment to Schemes and said that some of the metal products had already been loaded on the Tzarevna ship, which remained in port. Prior to the full-scale invasion, these products were being prepared for export to Italy, Metinvest reported. Other metals and cast iron in the port, Metinvest said, are products of Azovstal and the Ilyich Metallurgical Plant, which came under constant fire from the Russian army during the occupation.

But it was not only the metal that remained in the port. Port manager Igor Barsky said there were grain warehouses.

“This is more than 3.4 thousand tons of grain left in storage. “Another 9,000 tonnes were loaded on one of the ships, but it could not leave the port,” Barski added.

The occupiers are also trying to rehabilitate the port and have already raised the sunken border guard boat, for which former Mariupol mayor Petro Andriusenko’s adviser. This boat blocked one of the exits to the Sea of ​​Azov – the so-called “old gate”.

“The occupiers are resuming the work of the port, and they plan to remove everything they can from there. But access to the sea through the “old gate” may not be suitable for them, because the depth is too small for most of the boards that are there and the “new gate” remains, according to our information, blocked. said in a comment to “Plans” The mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boychenko.

The New Gate is blocked by another sunken ship, which the conquerors have not been able to raise so far. According to the mayor, the loading of ships is now complicated by the fact that the cranes needed for this do not work due to lack of electricity due to damage to the port substation.

At the same time, the port administration states that it is aware of the intention of the conquerors to use a floating crane, which can also load metal in the hold of ships.

“There was a floating diesel crane they had (conquerors – ed.) can be used for download. “It is unlikely that they will be able to resume work on the substation in the near future,” added port manager Ihor Barsky.

Earlier, the Tzarevna crew had been blocked by the occupiers for quite some time. According to Channel 24, both the Bulgarian government and Malta are negotiating a green evacuation corridor. It was later reported that part of the crew had been transferred to occupied Donetsk.

The “plans” contacted the owner of Tzarevna, a Bulgarian citizen Daniel Stefanov, but he did not want to talk to reporters.

“No comment,” he replied.

Mariupol was surrounded by Russian troops in the early days.

source: radio svoboda


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