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The war will last until winter. The Russian army is gaining ground in the Kherson region


Putin does not want to give up his positions and abandon his plans, so the war will be long, according to Ukrainian military intelligence. Since May, the Russian army has been building several lines of defense, bridges and roads in the Kherson region. Russia has already used 60% of its stockpiles on high-precision weapons. Stocks are depleted, so they got old Soviet ammunition. After the destruction of the cruiser «Moscow» and VDK «Saratov“Russian ships are not approaching the Ukrainian shores. Crimea.Realii spoke about Vadim Skibitsky, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense.

The war will continue

Circle the Ukrainian army in eastern Ukraine and reach the borders of Luhansk and Donetsk such a task in the Russian army, say in the Ukrainian military intelligence service. The Russian military leadership adjusts its plans on a monthly basis.

The President of Russia will not abandon his plans and the active hostilities are likely to last until the end of the year.

He does not trust anyone, he does not listen to anyone. He has his own plans for the restoration of the Russian Empire

«Putin does not abandon his plans. This war will continue. As long as the active phase is delayed, it will be September or October or the end of the year.

It depends on our resistance, on the state of our defense forces and on the help they give us.

Many dates are given now.

September 11th in Russia the only voting day. The possibility of holding a referendum or other events in the occupied territories is linked to this date. October 7 Putin’s birthday is 70 years old and everyone will say that the military will want to give him a present. At the end of the year, it will be cold in winter and they say that Ukraine will go to the negotiation process“, – says Vadym Skibitsky, spokesman for the Main Information Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Neither one nor two, but the third line of defense is being built

Various circles tried to persuade Putin not to start a war, but failed. He plans to rule Russia until the end of his days, from the script The “successor” of the Russian president has long refused, explains Vadim Skibitsky.

«He does not trust anyone, he does not listen to anyone. He has his own plans for the restoration of the Russian Empire, he said. Foreign leaders tried to persuade him, attempts were made to persuade the political Beaumont, representatives of the Russian economic bloc, the oligarchs, but they failed. The war he wants to wage will be long lasting. This is a person who does not want to give up his positions».

Russia in the Kherson region for a long time

The fact that Russia plans to stay in southern Ukraine for a long time is evidenced by the fact that the Russian army is developing a strong group in the occupied territories. It is a combined group that includes elements of land, air and sea. They set up a logistics system, using the railways, ports and airports they occupied.

«From the beginning of May, the occupying forces began to strengthen their defense. Appropriate mechanical structures are being prepared, not one or two, but a third line of defense is being built. And this suggests that the Russian Federation wants to stay for a long time», – says Vadym Skibitsky, a spokesman for the MOU.

Reports also indicate that the Russian army is bypassing roads and bridges in the occupied territories. To defend and prevent counterattacks by the Ukrainian army. And such actions will certainly be done, according to information.

In southern Ukraine 49, 58 and 8 armies of the Russian Federation are at war

The Southern Military District of the Russian Federation is involved in hostilities. The units were deployed across the Crimean peninsula and then relocated to the mainland.

«First of all 49 and 58 army. Second, these are separate units of the battalion-tactical group with 8th armies coming directly from 20th divisions in the territory of the Crimean peninsula. It is in full force 7th attacks department.

In the first stage of the war, a landing operation was planned by forces of the 810th Marine Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and units of the Marine Corps of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation.

When Russia failed, it was forced to set up naval units as simple infantry units in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. The 810th Brigade participated directly in the battles in Mariupol.

Russia can not produce high-precision weapons, so Soviet stocks were discovered

According to Iskander, this threshold level is almost reached

In the first three months of the war, the Russian military fired indiscriminately at Ukrainian facilities, not counting how many high-precision weapons were needed, the intelligence service said. Now the situation has changed because stocks are running low.

“If we talk about high-precision weapons, they have already been used closely 60% inventories. For some species even more so 70%. There are relevant regulatory requirements for the threshold level to be maintained in the military. And according to the Iskander, this threshold level is almost reached“, – says Vadym Skibitsky, representative of MOU GUR.

If we talk about the X-22 cruise missile, it is an old Soviet missile

Ammunition needs to be replenished, but Russia does not have the capability to produce high-precision weapons quickly. And the sanctions do not allow the use of foreign components. That’s why Soviet-made missiles were removed from storage in Russia.

“As for ballistic missiles, this is it Point U, an old type of armament from the time of the Soviet Union. The last U-Point band was disarmed 2018. And all the missile brigades of the Russian Federation then moved to Iskander.

If we talk about the cruise missile X-22. This is an old Soviet rocket, it is liquid fuel, not solid fuel, like our modern cruise missiles now. Need training to supply such a missile, it has a shorter range, not so accurate“, – explains Vadym Skibitsky, representative of GUR MOU.

One of the frigates is currently in combat service in the western part of the Black Sea, but this is also related to the actions on Snake Island.

The intelligence service also noted that Russia has changed its tactics in the use of high-precision weapons.

If previously used in the object two the four missiles, now clearly select the target and launch missiles of various forms from 8 to 12 missiles. Either ballistic missiles or air-based cruise or surface-to-air cruise missiles.

At sea, the Russians became more careful

Post destruction of the cruiser «Moscow» and VDK «Saratov», Russia has assessed the threat of missile strikes on the Russian group of ships. And he began to act more carefully. Spend regularly on stress training «terrorist threat»when all ships go to sea.

“WITHNow the composition of the ship is used to strike cruise missiles, it is a clear combat mission: two frigates, four small rocket ships, two submarines. Which are constantly hitting our territory, using cruise missiles Caliber.

In addition, active minesweepers and boats of various types are involved. One of the frigates is currently on combat duty in the western part of the Black Sea, but this is also related to the actions on the island. Serpentine“, – says Vadym Skibitsky, representative of the MOU.

The actions of the Ukrainian army forced Russia to limit the activities of the Black Sea Fleet in the Black Sea. Warships are no longer located off the coast of Ukraine. At the same time, the Russian navy continues to blockade Ukrainian ports.

About the cruiser «Moscow» The information said that the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet sank when it was transported to Sevastopol. For two weeks they conducted a search and rescue operation, removed secret equipment, documents and removed the bodies of the dead. In fact, they cleaned the ship so that nothing would fall into the hands of another country.

source: radio svoboda


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