EconomyIn the Kharkiv Region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine...

In the Kharkiv Region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated 421 settlements – O.P


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Armed forces of Ukraine from Russian troops 421 settlements in , on September 16, Deputy Head of the Office of the President Kyrylo Tymoshenko.

“We are constantly sending humanitarian cargo to the liberated areas, despite the shelling. The Balaklia community has already received more than 100 tons of products. Soon, generators, building materials, medicine and other aid will be sent there,” Tymoshenko said.

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According to him, the pensioners of the Chkalivska, Balakliya and Shevchenkiv communities are already receiving pensions, and work on the restoration of housing and vital infrastructure continues in the expropriated areas.

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State Emergency Service pyrotechnicians are working on demining the area, Tymoshenko said, adding that more than 24 hectares of land were demined during the week of work and nearly a thousand explosive devices were neutralized.

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On September 15, the Ministry of Defense reported that in one week the Armed Forces managed to . This is about 390 settlements (at that time) and about 150,000 people who were freed from occupation.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia on September 10, for the first time since the beginning in the Kharkiv region, as a result of which the front was broken and numerous settlements were liberated, indirectly called it “regrouping”.

The next day – September 11 – the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said that Russia’s retreat in the Kharkiv region is not a regrouping of troops, as the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation claims, but a hasty escape.

source: radio svoboda

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