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Wood in Mad – Ioanna Paliospyrou: “I froze, I ran into Elena Paparizou, she was scared”


Ioanna Paliospyrou, who was on stage during the fight, spoke about the images of violence at this year’s Mad Awards. What he said about Elena Paparizou.

A shameful incident occurred at this year’s annual awards ceremony Mad Video Music Awards on Wednesday night, at the indoor stadium of Tae Kwon Do.

The trappers Light at Snik they exchanged heavy conversations and did not hesitate to play wood at the music event, which caused a stir among the attendees.

The trappers held twice in the handsas a result of which the show was delayed for the first time by half an hour while on stage was the Tamtawhile the second time while the Helena Paparizou to receive an award from Ioanna Paliospyrou.

A special moment, when everyone happily applauded for the main character Ioanna, with the two trumpeters disrespecting this important moment and holding hands. “No violence, it’s a celebration”Ioanna was heard screaming during the fight, that the traps were completely indifferent and constantly slapping each other.

The show seems a bit unfocused in recent stages, however; Something Snik did after a few minutes. Ioanna Paliospyrou’s award finally didn’t happen!

Ioanna Paliospyrou: “I tried to keep calm”

Journalists outside the venue were given statements by Ioanna Paliospyrouabout the Mad Awards incident.

“I was unlucky, I didn’t know what was going on. Unfortunately I saw it right in front of my eyes. I saw someone attack with a fist. I tried to keep my composure, it was pathetic to do. At that moment I was not scared, but I cooled down and tried to keep my calm. I also tried to say something from the microphone, that we are not in favor of violence and we should be calm. Unfortunately, things got out of hand»where Ioanna Paliospyrou.

«I am sorry I was not given the award Helena Paparizou. I ran to talk to him and calm him down. I gave him a kiss. She was terrified. “There is a conflict between the trap artists and they came here to solve them.” completed by Ioanna Paliospyrou.

Wood in Mad: Elena Paparizou and Roula Koromila are injured

As far as we know, during the battle, Roula Koromila was injured, sitting near the point of the fight. A photo spread on the internet shows the presenter sitting on the stairs and receiving first aid, hit in the legs.

Wood in Mad - Ioanna Paliospyrou:

And Elena Paparizou, who is close to the place, received thrusts and blows, with the singer fleeing the stadium in a state of shock. According to unconfirmed information of “Happy Day”, in fact, Elena Paparizou will take legal action, filing a lawsuit for insult and bodily harm.

The moment Elena Paparizou was injured

The moment Elena Paparizou left

Sorry Light and Snik and the hum of the stage

When the event starts again, the Light he went up on stage and the audience did not approve of him.

He apologized, saying: “I apologize, I only learned when I was young when I was attacked to defend myself. Sorry, we’re not that kind of people, nor do we want to ruin the night. From the bottom of my heart sorry “.

After the Light and Snik apologized to the audience when he took the stage at the MAD VMA 2022.

In fact, Snik posted an instastory in which he taunts Light saying: “Kenteri, where are you?”». When he climbed on stage and apologized, he somehow mocked Light.

In particular, Snik mentioned, among other things: “And we will defend, as a friend said …”.

In showing the two trappers on stage, intense the cheering people in the stadiumshouting “out” and “leave”!

Mad Video Music Awards: The punishment of two trappers

The reaction of the organizers was strong Mad Video Music Awards in violent stages caused by trappers Light and Snik, which pollute the festival.

In their announcement early Thursday morning, they announced their decision should not be shown on television and not publish any excerpts of the song and the awarding of honors to those who participated “In unprecedented and unacceptable cases”.

According to event representatives, after incidents of violence by individuals, which were observed during the Mad Video Music Awards, the reaction of the event was immediate and substantial.

“(The organization) not only condemned any form of violence, but announced that it would not be broadcast on television, nor any excerpts of any song or any awards by those who participated in the unprecedented and unacceptable these incidents will be made public. The Mad Video Music Awards confirmed, in their immediate and clear position, that music must unite and not separate “, emphasize the organizers.

source: news 24 7


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