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10 films about people who built their lives according to their own rules


It’s hard to change your life, but sometimes it’s even harder to live the old-fashioned way. Someone starts a change with trifles: starting new habits, changing a circle of friends, dress style or work. Someone just throws everything away and turns life upside down. We will share with you 10 movies whose characters started to change their lives no matter what.

“The Sound of Metal”

Year: 2019 Director: Darius Marder

Ruben is a drummer in a metal duo. Together with his girlfriend, vocalist Lucy, he travels all over America and holds concerts when suddenly doctors diagnose him with rapid hearing loss. It only helps with very expensive implants, but they are not covered by insurance. At Louis’ suggestion, Ruben goes to a deaf shelter, where he tries to get used to living in silence. But he just can’t give up his illness and starts fighting for his place on stage.

“Captain Fantastic”

Year: 2016 Director: Matt Ross

Changing lives is not so difficult when you are alone. But when you have a large family with many children and their whole future depends on your decision, it is really terrible. After the death of his wife, Ben Cash, who chose to work and raise his children independently of civilization, decides to go with his family to the funeral of his beloved wife in the heart of America. There he and his children will have to meet everything that Ben was trying to protect them from: street food, the education system, and superstitions. Ben will have to decide what to do next: continue to change his life or attitude towards it.

“always say yes””

Year: 2008 Director: Peyton Reed

Carl is a reserved person who responds “no” to all offers. He left his wife because of bad temper, hates clients and just has no friends. One day, an acquaintance invites him to attend personal growth courses, where the eccentric coach offers Carl to always say “yes” and then fate will help him, but for every “no” he will be punished by a gloomy hero. Carl agrees to the offer and even though things are not going so smoothly at first, his life is gradually improving.

“Under the Tuscan Sun”

Francis is a San Francisco-based writer who has long been depressed because her husband betrayed her and there was a writer’s block in her work. To somehow help him, his lesbian friend Pete Francis gives him a ticket for a romantic tour of Italy – albeit as part of a gay group. But Francis still agrees to travel and suddenly decides to start a new life in Italy as the owner of an old property.

“The Incredible Life of Walter Mitt”

Walter Mitt is an illustrator for Life magazine. His work is a continuous routine and his life is a constant frustration. And suddenly he has a chance to go on a trip: the last printed issue of the magazine is missing one photo that should have been on the cover. It is neither in the negatives nor in the package sent by the photographer. The only chance to take a unique shot is to find the photographer himself, but it is not an easy task: Shawn does not use his phone and computer, he takes a movie and travels around the world in search of interesting shots. Walter, however, follows in his footsteps with a journey that forces him to reconsider his life.

“Miss Pettigrew lives for one day”

Year: 2008 Director: Bharat Nali

In London, shortly before the Second World War, lives Miss Ginever Pettigrew – the most ordinary woman, whose life has not been spoiled either by her bright appearance, by her dignified origins, or by the gifts of fate. This middle-aged woman worked as a governess all her life and changed families regularly due to frequent complaints. During another visit to the employment center, Miss Pettigrew, after an unpleasant conversation with an employee of the center, steals the business card of singer Delicia Lafosse from the table and takes a job with her. This decision turns Miss Pettigrew’s world into bright plays, love dramas and adventures.


Andre describes himself as a good guy. His only problem is that he is constantly lying, including to himself. He also runs out of money for all the bandits in Paris, and when he once again loses money on horse racing and creditors demand repayment of his debts, Andre decides to commit suicide. But suddenly in his plans interferes a beautiful woman Angela, who turns out to be an angel sent to earth to guide Andre on the right path.

“Cook on Wheels”

Carl Casper, the chef of a trendy classic restaurant, can not find understanding with the owner of the establishment, who does not tolerate any experiments. In addition, the critic who arrived at the restaurant wrote a devastating article about Carl, so the chef was not afraid to get into a fight and even attack the critic. This scandal led to the dismissal of the chief, but Carl did not give up. In Miami, he meets his ex-wife and child and at their suggestion decides to launch a new project – a small mobile diner in which he is his own boss.

“In Search of a Holiday”

Year: 2017 Director: Paolo Virzi

Johnny and Ella are an old couple. Both have health problems, John has progressive dementia. And yet, Ella decides to go on a little trip with John to a car home across America against the persuasion of children and doctors.

“Lady Bird”

Christine “Lady Bird” is the head of the Christian School in California. Her family is struggling financially: the father has lost his job, the mother earns very little to allow her daughter to attend a financial college, and the environment itself demands that Lady Bird be like everyone else. But Christine does not give up and with youthful perseverance overcomes all obstacles, arguing that nothing is impossible if you want to change your life.

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