EntertainmentAmong the fake blonde actresses

Among the fake blonde actresses


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Going blonde was one of the best decisions in their lives. “The Rambler” tells the story of which actress refused her natural hair color and did not lose it.

Marilyn Monroe

Known fact: the actress has naturally dark hair. The producers advised her to go blonde. After dyeing her hair, Marilyn Monroe remained blonde forever. It was this image that brought him fame and the love of millions of fans around the world.

Emilia Clarke

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The actress became famous all over the world thanks to the TV series “Game of Thrones”, in which she played the role of Daenerys, the mother of dragons. Emilia Clarke dyed her hair blonde for the role. The actress was so convincing with her image that even the most loyal fans did not immediately recognize her when she appeared in public with a different hair color.

Charlize Theron

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The blonde complements the actor’s piercing blue eyes. This hair color suits her so much that it seems she was born with it. But her native color is dark blonde.

Drew Barrymore

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The actor has experimented with hair color so many times that now connoisseurs of his work and even big fans of his talent can hardly remember what color hair little Drew had. But hardly anyone can argue with the fact that blonde hair suits the actress very well.

Scarlett Johansson

Still from the movie “Match Point”

In fact, the actress has already appeared in films as a red-haired beauty and even a burnt brunette. But with blonde hair, Scarlett Johansson looks like a natural blonde even though she has naturally blonde hair. By the way, she was often compared to Marilyn Monroe.

Source: rambler

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