MarketsIranian hackers breach US government network in scheme to...

Iranian hackers breach US government network in scheme to earn cryptocurrency


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US officials said on Wednesday that Iranian government-sponsored hackers breached the network of an unnamed US federal government agency starting in February, stealing passwords on the network, as well as installing software to earn cryptocurrency.

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Although the hack likely began in February, officials at the Department of Homeland Security responded to the hack in June, according to an FBI advisory report, Wu.Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)at the Department of Homeland Security.

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The hackers exploited a widely known vulnerability that the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency alerted about in December. 2021and ordered agencies to process it.

The hackers also allegedly used their access to the US government network to install software that produces cryptocurrency, a potentially beneficial revenue stream for Iran’s sanctions-affected citizens.

Iranian hackers breach US government network in scheme to earn cryptocurrency

Notably, the hacking programs of major world powers often rely on contractors, who grant those governments a level of deniability of cyber activity. The United States has also used contractors to build its offensive cyber capabilities.

As for Iran, the US authorities have accused the Iranian regime’s contractors in recent months of working overtime for personal gain.

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In the same context, in September, US officials accused three Iranian men of hacking and blackmailing a group of US companies and organizations, while working for information technology companies affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

In turn, the Iranian government regularly denies accusations of hacking, while the final motive of the alleged hackers is not clear.

Source: Crypto Arabia

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