MarketsBloomberg: EU talks deadlocked over Russian oil price ceiling

Bloomberg: EU talks deadlocked over Russian oil price ceiling


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Negotiations between the United States and its allies to impose a price ceiling on Russian oil have stalled due to differences of opinion on the issue. This is reported by Bloomberg based on sources.

The agency was reminded that the talks between the US and its allies were held today, November 23.

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Bloomberg’s interlocutors said that the European Commission proposed to set a price cap for Russian oil at $65 per barrel, but that Poland and the Baltic states considered it “too generous”. A number of other countries, including Greece and Malta, said they did not want to “take it below $70”, which is the upper end of the range proposed by the European Commission.

“We are considering various options and trying to find a common ground that will allow us to implement this measure in the most efficient way and avoid unnecessary inconvenience for EU countries. I am sure that we will reach a consensus soon,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was quoted as saying in the material.

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The US, along with its allies, plans to resume talks on the Russian oil price ceiling on Thursday, November 24.

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Source: rambler

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