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Singapore tops the list of countries most interested in merging Ethereum


According to a new study conducted by Coingecko . Coingecko Seeks to identify the countries most interested in a merger event EthereumSingapore ranked first in the total number of research points377.

The study also found that the country had the highest levels of phrase searches Ethereum MergEthereum Merge“, Ethereum classicETH Classic” And theEthereumEthereum around the world.

Most interested countries after Singapore

The study also found that among the top eight countries ranked after Singaporesearches related to proof of work were (PoW) higher by 169% from Proof of Stake searches (PoS).

and equal Canada and Switzerland In second place with 286 point, while Switzerland Mostly searched for Ethereum and Ethereum MergOn the other hand, Canada scored higher search points in terms of searching for proof of work.

According to the study, the Germany and the states United and Turkey It has the highest level of search for the term Proof of Work. As for Holland and Australia Ranked third and fourth in search levels for Ethereum Merg.

Commenting on the results of the study, he said, Bobby ung Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Queen Gekko:

“Anticipation for the consolidation is at an all-time high, as its effects will extend throughout the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. The top eight rankings on this list appear to include countries with strong Ethereum communities, which may explain the high search scores in this study.”

pointed ung It also indicates that a large number of miners may want to continue mining and this is likely to lead to the creation of many strong and controversial companies after the merger, which has led to an increase in search terms around Ethereum During the past two months.

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