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Cardano Coin Enters Final Phase of Facil Hard Fork Upgrade Process


The automated process of upgrading a coin has begun Cardano to afternoon Vasilwhere announced Charles HoskinsonCEO of Input Output . Input Output,

A block aggregation request has been submitted Hard fork It was successfully accepted, which means that the implementation of Fasil Hard Fork Vasil hard fork It has entered its final stage.

According to Hoskinson:

“We will all sit and watch the Fasil rocket. He’s on top now…there’s no turning back now.”

“Also, some of the improvements that come with the Vasil solid fork will go into effect on September 27 for a variety of technical reasons.”

The hard fork is scheduled to go live on September 22, after months of anticipation.

where induced Hoskinson The community has to upgrade to version 5.0.0 of the wallet Daedaluswhich is the latest version of the wallet which has a number of obvious improvements.

As mentioned by U.Todaythe Fasil Hard Fork It is Cardano’s most ambitious update to date, as it will greatly improve the scalability of the Blockchain.

For example, scripts will be Plutus V2 Able to enhance the smart contracting capabilities of the coin Cardano Significantly.

and claiming Hoskinson The promotion bears a very special name because it is named after his good friend Vasyl Dabove.

He was a deceased Bulgarian mathematician, who was an active member of the . community Cardanolast December 2021. He said Hoskinson On this anniversary:

“I am so glad we are able to immortalize his memory and legacy forever in the Cardano ecosystem.”

I have noticed that Cardano It is “one of the strongest” cryptocurrencies in the current cryptocurrency market space, and this project is expected to come out to the public level and have a very strong impact.

Source: Crypto Arabia



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