MarketsCryptocurrency scammers take advantage of Tik Tok users

Cryptocurrency scammers take advantage of Tik Tok users


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Don’t be fooled by the allure of making quick money from cryptocurrencies promoted by its users TikTok . TikTokExperts warn that it may involve major fraud.

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Release Peter Business Peru BBBBetter Business Bureau (BBBHis warnings about the increasing number of fraudsters using tik tok TikTok To cause victims in cryptocurrency scams, which may result in the loss of hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

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announced “BBBIn a press release:

“Watch out for scams tik tokwhich promises to convert a few hundred dollars of cryptocurrency into thousands at any time.”

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Many fraudulent videos start on tik tok In the same way, where someone flaunts in front of a pile of money to get the attention of their followers. He claims to have gotten rich by investing in cryptocurrencies. Scammers also try to convince their victims that they can get rich quickly with just a few steps.

He statedBBBAbout the scam:

“Content creators claim to have made a pile of money in just a few days by investing in cryptocurrency.”

We may not know much about cryptocurrencies, but this is.”InvestorThe claimant claims that he can provide assistance in obtaining the same type of revenue for a modest fee. And what’s more, they claim to have guarantees of 100% They can triple the victims’ money in less than a week.

Thus, scammers will try to deceive victims by sending fees, and payments via online wallets as PayPal Paypalor VenmoOnce you pay the scammers money they disappear, and they disappear with it.

In order to earn more money, the scammers try to extend the time of this trick as long as they can to drain as much money as possible. They may demand payment several times, and always promise that the victim will get much more than what they spend.


“When you ask them the truth of the matter, they may resort to intimidation, threats, and they may tell you that if you do not pay, you will miss the opportunity to return, or they can take legal action.”

Cybersecurity expert Chris Hammer told CNN WJXT WJXT:

“People should have the same mindset about their money online as if they were one person. If you’re walking down the street and someone comes to you and says they can double your money, just give me 20 A dollar and I’ll give it back to you 40 dollars as soon as I get back. Will you give it to him, or believe him?”

Tips to avoid cryptocurrency scams

urge “BBB“, Application tik tok, And other social media users to take the following precautions to get rid of cryptocurrency scams:

Follow common sense: Get-rich-quick schemes, and investments that are allegedly guaranteed to give big returns are often scams, especially when the offer seems too big to be true.

Thorough and comprehensive investigation: Before contacting someone via tik tok, or any other social media platform, should search for their name, phone number, and company name online. And whether others have been deceived, or have complaints, over the Internet.

Not giving in to their intimidation tactics: In the event that an alleged “investor” is contacted, he is trying to delude the victim that the investment will only succeed with immediate action that requires payment. And if someone has already sent them money, they may threaten legal action if their fee is not paid.

Understand how digital wallet services work: Treat any money you send through the digital wallet service as cash. If you send money, there is not much you can do to get it back in case you get scammed.

It is preferable to use these applications only with trusted, known people. In the event of fraud, the online fraud tracking service website can be reported from “BBB‘, to help others.

Source: Crypto Arabia

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