MarketsThe exchange rate of the ruble is predicted next...

The exchange rate of the ruble is predicted next week


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The international agenda may affect the ruble exchange rate, oil prices and the situation on the stock markets, financial analysts explain. “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” writes about this.

The chief analyst of Sovcombank, Mikhail Vasiliev, predicted that the strengthening of the Russian currency will continue next week. The ruble exchange rate is expected to be 55-60 units per dollar, 53-58 per euro, 7.7-8.2 per yuan.

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According to him, the ruble exchange rate will be influenced by the factors of tax revenues, export operations, as well as geopolitics. Cashless dollars and euros will become even more “toxic”, the Russians will actively get rid of them.

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Zenit Bank expert Vladimir Evstifeev explained that there are minimal changes in oil prices. This situation was created against the background of the sale of risky assets.

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According to him, in the short term, prices will not fall below 85 dollars per barrel of Brent.

Alexey Bakhtin, a specialist at BCS Mir Investments, said that the Russian stock market was heavily influenced by international and domestic agendas last week.

According to him, no global changes are expected in the currency and energy markets in the near future. The ruble will continue to be strong, oil will be sold within 90 dollars per barrel.

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