OpinionWar in Ukraine: why our household appliances are of...

War in Ukraine: why our household appliances are of interest to Russia?


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However, Russia does not manufacture semiconductors. And because of the sanctions, she can no longer buy it directly. So, it invests in household appliances via its allies or its neighbors. Since the start of the war, Armenia has bought three times more washing machines from the European Union than in 2021. Kazahkstan suddenly ordered three times more refrigerators and six times more electric milk. In a country where the number of births is decreasing, it is curious.

These states actually resell these imported products to Russia. One part is intended for the population, the other would be dismantled. “The Russian army recovers electronic chips to repair its military equipment”, launches Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, from her desk.

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But can the semiconductors in a washing machine really be used for military use? “Technically it is possible, recognizes Jérôme Clech, professor of foresight and strategy at Sciences Po Paris. Now, to do it on a large scale so that it’s meaningful and that it can change the course of a war, it seems amazing.”

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Source: lci

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