OpinionLIVE - Ukraine: three nuclear power plants reconnected to...

LIVE – Ukraine: three nuclear power plants reconnected to the electricity grid


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Thursday, November 24, 2022



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The three Ukrainian nuclear power plants under the control of kyiv have been able to be reconnected to the electricity network, after having been cut off the day before following massive Russian strikes, the Ministry of Energy announced on Thursday.

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“After yesterday’s massive bombings, energy workers were able to (…) reconnect three nuclear power plants to the electricity grid in the morning,” the ministry said on Telegram, adding that these facilities should start delivering electricity. electricity by “tonight”.


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For the past two weeks, “Russia has largely redeployed its forces present in Donetsk and Luhansk on Donbass. The objective: to strengthen the Russian positions on its annexed territory, west of the Dnieper.analyzes British Defense in its daily brief on Thursday.

Intelligence adds that some Russian units have been “reinforced with the mobilization of reservists”. These latter “poorly trained will certainly be mixed with the elite of Russian soldiers, in strategic sectors”analysts say.

They add that a “potential operation” of these units could be concentrated around the defense of the city of Kremina-Stavone, in Luhansk. Another possibility: this operation could come “strengthen the ongoing operations against the city of Bakhmut”in Donetsk, defended by the Ukrainians.



In Kherson, where the Russians destroyed all the infrastructure before they left the city two weeks ago, doctors have to operate by flashlight, without water, heating or elevators. Our cameras followed a Ukrainian medical team for whom treatment has become a struggle.

Ukraine: flashlight operationsSource : TF1 News



In Kherson, as in the rest of the country, the Ukrainians are organizing themselves as best they can in the face of the massive blackouts linked to the Russian strikes. To come home from work, they use flashlights, or the light from their phones, explains our special correspondent on the spot. Moreover, most Ukrainians anticipated these massive blackouts, with supplies of water and food. The government has set up 4,000 “invincibility points” to allow the population to warm up or recharge their phones. The goal: to avoid what the Russians expect: a massive flight of the population.



At least 70 missiles were fired by Moscow on Wednesday on Ukraine, in an attempt to break the morale of the population, while some temperatures dropped below zero.

Relentless salvoes on energy infrastructure, unleashed almost to the day nine months after the start of the Russian invasion.


REPORT - Missile rain in Ukraine: cities plunged into darkness and deprived of water

Wednesday, November 23, 2022



Find all the news of the day on the war in Ukraine in this live news feed.

Source: lci

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