OpinionVIDEO - War in Ukraine: surgeons operate in the...

VIDEO – War in Ukraine: surgeons operate in the dark


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Ukraine, including its capital kyiv, was largely without electricity and running water on Thursday, the day after new massive strikes by Russia specifically targeting energy infrastructure, and as winter sets in. These strikes, according to Ukrainian authorities, have plunged into darkness “the vast majority of consumers” in the country, which had around 40 million inhabitants before the start of the Russian invasion on February 24. The moment is critical after nine months of war. Even more for the medical staff who are trying, in this untenable situation, to carry out their missions. Headlamps on their foreheads, plunged into darkness, a medical team tries to operate on their patient in the darkness of a Ukrainian hospital block. A meticulous intervention that they try to carry out thanks to a flashlight. The operation, carried out in the dark, is delicate: they have to replace two heart valves with two artificial valves. In Kherson, this other team must urgently operate on a new patient. Without a lift or light, the young patient must be carried by the team, on foot, to the 6th floor.

Source: lci

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