OpinionUproar in Spain for sexist insults against the Minister...

Uproar in Spain for sexist insults against the Minister of Equality


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The personal insults and insults of a macho tinge suffered by the minister Spanish of EqualityIrene Montero, by an ultra-dechist deputy in Parliament, have received harsh condemnation, both from left-wing parties and from numerous media.

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The deputy of Vox Carla Toscano, while speaking in Congress in the Budget debate, affirmed yesterday that the “only merit” that the minister had was having studied “in depth Pablo Iglesias”, founder of the leftist party Podemos and couple of Huntsman.

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This sentence, which questioned the value of the minister of Equality attacking her personal life, was the culmination of a harsh intervention, in which the far-right deputy came to define Montero as a “liberator of rapists.”

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This phrase comes in connection with the political and legal controversy that has been taking place in recent weeks in Spain, after the application of the so-called “law of only yes is yes”, the flagship project of the Ministry of Equality, which qualifies as aggression to all sexual behavior that does not have the express consent of the woman.

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However, the application of this law, designed to protect women from sexist violence, has resulted in the release of some convicts, when the judges apply the new scale of sentences, which has earned harsh criticism from the minister which, in response, accused the judges of being “sexist”.

In the midst of this controversy, and after days of harsh disqualifications against Montero, both by Vox and the conservative Popular Party (PP), the tension reached its maximum yesterday in Congress, with the words of Toscano.

In response, there was a strong political anger in the Chamber, with support for the minister from all the groups on the left, with shouts of “not everything goes” to the applause of Vox and the silence of the PP.

In a brief and emotional response, Montero described what happened as “political violence that is being exercised at this moment in the seat of popular sovereignty” and asked that the words of the Vox deputy be kept in the session diary, so that be recorded for the future.

One of the first messages of solidarity that Montero received was from the President of the Government, the socialist Pedro Sánchez, who wrote on his Twitter account: “We are together against sexist violence. Denying it is a way of exercising it.”

In view of the numerous condemnations of the words of the Vox deputy and of solidarity towards the minister of EqualityAlso the spokesperson for the PP in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, stated that “respect is essential.”

Montero also received support from abroad, such as the messages from the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, who wrote: “Political and sexist violence against women is intolerable”, or that of the Chilean President, Gabriel Boric, who expressed his “support” for the minister Spain, whom he described as a “tireless partner in the fight for greater justice and equality“.

Irene Montero, an active feminist, who came to the ministry at just 31 years old and as a partner of Pablo Iglesias, has been the target of strong criticism from the political right and the most conservative media, which have used her personal life to disqualify her.

Source: diario libre

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