OpinionVenezuela and Colombia reopen embassies with Petro's arrival

Venezuela and Colombia reopen embassies with Petro’s arrival


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BOGOTA.. Venezuela Yu Colombia They will resume diplomatic relations at the level of ambassadors from August 7, when President Gustavo takes office Peteras the representatives of both countries announced on Thursday.

Venezuela’s regime’s foreign minister, Carlos Faria, received Colombian foreign minister-designate Alvaro Leyva in San Cristóbal, the capital of Tachira state, home to one of the most important border crossings between Venezuela and Colombia, which has been closed during tensions.

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During the meeting, which lasted about three hours, they “discussed plans for peace and security along the entire border,” “progressive, economic and commercial opening of the border” and “future plans” between the two countries, he said. Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

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“I thank President Gustavo Petro for sending his foreign minister, Alvaro Leiva, to San Cristóbal,” dictator Maduro said in an act broadcast on state television.

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Both representatives, according to a statement read by Leyva, “expressed their readiness to move forward with a work agenda for the gradual normalization of bilateral relations, beginning August 7 next year with the appointment of ambassadors and other diplomatic and consular officials.”

Leyva, who has a long history of negotiating armed conflicts, will officially take office with Petro’s inauguration in 10 days.

In a statement to the press, the Venezuelan dictatorship reiterated that as soon as Petro takes office, it will “immediately” start “creating ambassadors” and “all the teams that should work in the various consulates.”

Petro advanced as he campaigned to restore relations with Venezuela, which have been severed since 2019, when the government of former President Ivan Duque ignored the re-election of Nicolas Maduro and backed opposition Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s president.

TYPE: According to AFP

source : diario las americas

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