HealthcareAre naps really good for you? Here are the opinions...

Are naps really good for you? Here are the opinions of sleep experts


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Naps are something that kids should avoid at all cost. Adults can find it difficult to take a break. Yet, many adults do manage to get a little sleep in the middle of the day. Pew Research Center data shows that on average, one-third of adults go to bed for a nap.

While most people have experienced a nap, it is possible that you aren’t aware of all the benefits and facts about napping. Keep this in mind: Experts say that naps are not a good choice for everyone.

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What’s the deal? When should you try to get a nap? These are five facts that you should know.

No. 1. Napping is a huge benefit for most people.

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Napping can help you recharge for the rest of the day. Dr. Kelly Waters says that napping can give you a little respite during the day. This is beneficial for both your physical and mental health. Kelly Waters, a Spectrum Health sleep medicine specialist and neurologist, told Yahoo Life.

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Dr. Christopher Winter, a sleep specialist, says that napping has many benefits. W. Christopher Winter is the author of The Sleep Solution. Why Your Sleep is Broken and How To Fix It. It’s great to get 7-8 hours sleep each night. He says that napping is a great way to fill those gaps if you don’t have the time.

Winter says that napping can make you feel more awake, improve your learning capacity, help you remember things better, as well as help you keep your emotions under control .

No. No. 2: Napping can support the healing process.

Waters states that if you are sick, taking a nap is an indicator that your immune system has been working properly. Waters explains that when you’re sick, your immune cells release chemical messages to direct the body’s response and healing. These messengers can also cause you to become sleepy.

A nap can help your immune system work better. Waters states that sleep’s usual function is to restore and revive, so it makes sense to take a nap when you are sick to help with healing and repair. Winter states that taking a snooze (or several naps) while you are sick can be “especially beneficial if your illness is interfering in your ability to sleep at night.”

No. 3: Naps can pose health risks.

However, not all napping is good for you. Adults who nap during the day have been shown to be more likely to suffer from stroke and high blood pressure. A recent study of 358,451 participants published in the journal Hypertension showed that people who napped most days were 12% more likely than those who did not nap to develop high blood pressure. They were also 24% more likely be at risk for strokes than people who didn’t nap. If the participant was younger than 60, the risk of high blood pressure increased by 20% when they slept on most days.

A higher risk of DiabetesHeart Disease, and Depression has been found when you take longer naps (e.g., for more than an hour).

Winter believes it is difficult to determine if the person is snoring or if they are a result of underlying health issues. He says that studies have difficulties controlling for these variables.

Winter still believes there is a “sweet spot” for sleep. He points out that there is a big difference between a parent who takes a nap because their child got only four hours sleep or a parent who takes a three-hour nap because their child got eight hours. Research has shown that people who don’t get enough sleep can become sick. However, if they sleep more than they need, this can lead to the same thing.

No. No. 4. Certain people should not nap.

Experts agree that napping can be beneficial for many people. However, not everyone should take naps in the middle of the workday. Water states that napping may not be beneficial if you feel tired, have difficulty sleeping at night, or cannot take a longer nap.

She says that naps are best avoided if you suffer from insomnia. She says that the brain has a daily sleep quota and that naps can reduce this amount. There are many factors that can trigger sleepiness during wake hours. Napping reduces these factors, so the sleepy message does not seem as strong.

Winter admits that it is “very appealing” to take a break if you suffer from insomnia. He cautions that you should not take a nap after a hard night because it can perpetuate the problem.

No. No. 5. There is no such thing as a too long nap.

Your body can go through different stages of sleep while you nap, just like you do when you sleep at night. Winter says that if you are unable to sleep for more than 30 minutes, your body may enter slow-wave sleep. This can cause you to feel tired. This is known as “sleep-inertia”.

Winter says, “If you lie down and take a 2-hour nap, you might feel worse than before.” You may find it difficult to get up in the mornings after you fall into a cycle of sleep.

Waters suggests that a nap should last between 15 and 30 minutes. Winter states, “You don’t want your nap to be a way to get more sleep.”

Are you ready to take a break? Winter suggests finding somewhere quiet, getting out of your shoes, and then taking a nap. He says, “If you get to sleep, great.” “If you don’t, at least you had some good time to rest.”

Author: Korin Miller

Source: Yahoo Life

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