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Biden announces more monetary aid to Puerto Rico to recover from the hurricane


US President Joe Bidenannounced this Thursday that the federal government will pay for the rescue work, debris removal and works to restore the drinking water that Puerto Rico needs in order for you to recover from Hurricane Fiona.

Biden made that announcement at an office of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in New York City, the city with the largest population of Puerto Rican origin where he has traveled to participate in the General Assembly of the ONU.

“We will do everything possible, everything we can, to help with the urgent needs that I know they have and that they are real. They are very significant,” the president said at the beginning of the meeting, which was attended by videoconference the governor. of Puerto RicoPedro Pierluisi.

Specifically, to help Puerto Rico, Biden announced that the federal government will pay “one hundred percent” of the rescue work, debris removal and the works that are necessary to restore water and electricity, as well as the lodging and food that Puerto Ricans need during this month.

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The White House just yesterday it issued a Major Disaster Declaration for Puerto Ricowhich makes it possible to activate FEMA financial aid for public assistance to offer emergency services and jobs to those affected by the hurricane.

That emergency declaration establishes that the Government can pay some of the expenses it is incurring. Puerto Rico; but what he did Biden this Thursday was to make it clear that his Executive will fully cover the expenses of the island, which is still suffering some of the ravages of Hurricane Maria in 2017.

The category 1 hurricane, which made landfall in southwestern Puerto Rico Last Sunday, it left impassable roads, flooded areas, destroyed homes and downed power poles on the island.

There is still no estimate of the damage caused by Fiona on the island, nor have the fatalities directly or indirectly linked to the tragedy been determined, although these would exceed ten.

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