SportsWrestling: PAOK is the champion of Greece in the...

Wrestling: PAOK is the champion of Greece in the Greek-Roman


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During the first day of the event, the athletes competed in the Greco-Roman style and the spectacle they presented was particularly high.

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PAOK became the champion of Greece, Ethnikis took second place and BAO took third place.

The Panhellenic championship had many intense matches and the final at 77k stood out. where Christos Koutsouridis was eight seconds before the end in a tie with Andreas Vasilakopoulos, but managed to get two points and the gold medal at the same time.

The DAK Melina Merkouris, which was filled with people, generously gave two athletes a round of applause. Initially in Vladimiros Matias, where after winning the bronze medal he retired from active action. And to Nikos Pageas with Down syndrome, who competed for the second year in a row in the Panhellenic championship and was adored by everyone.

Detailed results by category

55 k.
1 Ilias Zairakis (SBA Trikala)
60 k.
1 George Papageorgiou (Thiseus Peristeriou)
2 Dimitris Iliadis (Pantzitzifiakos)

63 k.
1 Yannis Petkos (Archelaos)
2 Christos Theodorakis (PAOK)
3 Kostas Makridis (PAOK)
3 Odysseas Mourtidis (PAOK)

67 k.
1. Dimitris Sotiriadis (PAOK)
2. Lefteris Vasiliadis (PAOK)
3 Angelos Patouchas (National)
3 Dimitris Kouplidis (Pantzitzifiakos)

72 k.
1 Giorgos Sotiriadis (PAOK)
2 Yevheni Pentorets (POP)
3 Marinos Vortelinas (National)
3 Vassilis Boukis (Heracles of Peristeriou)

77 Mr.
1 Christos Koutsouridis (BAO)
2 Andreas Vasilakopoulos (National)
3 Vladimiros Matias (BAO)
3 Leonidas Tsabishvili (PAOK)

82 k.
1 George Prevolarakis (National)
2 Odysseas Rouggeris (National)
3 Dimitris Tsombanoudis (BAO)
3 Fotis Boukis (Heracles of Peristeriou)

87 Mr.
1 Nikos Varkas (National)
2 George Christodoulis (Panathinaikos)
3 Christos Terzidis (Eordaia)
3 Yannis Tsekeridis (PAOK)

97 Mr.
1 Laokratis Kesidis (PAOK)
2 Michalis Iosifidis (Leontides)
3 Ilias Boukis (Heracles of Peristeriou)
3 Anestis Zarifes (National)

1 Nikos Dounias (PDO)
2 Apostolos Tsiovolos (AS Trikala)
3 Sotiris Paparas (Heraklis Peristeriou)
3 Achilleas Chrysidis (Katerini Olympians)

source: on sports

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