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Europe Cup: The 3×3 Men and Women National Team travels to Tel Aviv


The 3 × 3 National Team will travel to Tel Aviv for the Europe Cup qualifiers. The athletes who were invited to compete on June 3 and 4 in Israel are:

The composition of the two groups:

Men’s National

1.Nikos Houhoumis 1.86 01.05.1996

8.Panagiotis Zaraidonis 1.93 24.08.1995

18.Nikos Persidis 2.00 08.09.1995

56.Sarantis Mastrogiannopoulos 1.90 03.12.1997

Women’s National

2.Katerina Tsineke 1.77 11.07.1999

4. Ioanna Hadjivassiliou 1.79 11.04.2000

12.Barvara Mylonaki 1.83 10.02.1999

13. Maria Konstantina Anastassopoulou 1.88 12.07.1999


Qualifiers 3-4 / 6, Tel Aviv



Group A: Germany, Croatia

Group B: France, Ukraine, Greece

Group C: Switzerland, Slovakia, Georgia

Group D: Slovenia, Israel, Portugal


Group A: Netherlands, Greece, Portugal

Group B: Lithuania, Switzerland, Sweden

Group C: Israel, Slovenia

Group D: Ukraine, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia

The program of the Greek teams



13.35 France-Greece

18.15 Ukraine-Greece

4/6 Quarterfinals / Semifinals / Final



16.00 Greece-Portugal

19.05 Netherlands-Greece


Quarterfinals / Semifinals / Final


* The first round will be followed by the quarterfinals, the semifinals and the finals. In the Men and Women, the winners of the semifinals qualify for the final phase of the Europe Cup. In the Women the losers of the semifinals will give a match to each other and the winner gets one more ticket to the final phase. The best third team in the Men and the best fourth in the women (overall from the qualifiers Romania and Israel) will also win a place in the final phase hosted in Graz, Austria (9-11 / 9).

source: on sports


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