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Apollon Smyrnis-Deligiannis: “I asked the children for their souls and they gave me their heart”


The “ambiguous light brigade” was defeated on penalties by Panionios, with 20-19 (14-14 the regular season) in the crowded swimming pool of Nea Smyrni by fans of both teams, in the exciting 3rd and last small Final of A1 Water Polo of Men.

The “blue and whites” finished in 4th place in the Championship and secured for the 4th consecutive year the exit to Europe and the Europe Cup.

The sign for the team of Nikos Deligiannis is extremely positive, something that everyone recognizes following the course of Apollon, which was the only team that beat Olympiakos in Greece this season.

Let’s not forget that the “ambiguous light brigade” achieved the first historic qualification to the Champions League qualifiers, “throwing” out of the Russian Champion Syndez Kazan while achieving two more victories in the 2nd round, one over last year’s Champion Croatia, Mlado the qualification to the 3rd round in the triple tie with the aforementioned and the Red Star and in a… scandalous way (Mladost victory with a penalty in the goal, because in the last 30 ” a player of the Red Star, who also had the possession, entered the water, who was expelled with three sentences)!

With a basic body of young players who, speaking on the camera of the official website of the department, are adored by Nikos Deligiannis.

The statements of the coach of Apollon Smyrni, Nikos Deligiannis, are detailed:

“It simply came to our notice then. When we started last August, changing the team by almost 80%, we certainly did not expect that we would have the results we had so quickly in both Europe and Greece.

Apollo is growing and that is why in our victories we not only look at our own team, but also who we are facing. We managed to get the Russian champions (s.s. Syndez Kazan) out of the Champions League very quickly, we beat the Croatian champions right after (s.s. Mladost Zagreb) and things had to be done between the Red Star and Croatian champion to stay out of the 3rd phase. We continued very well in the championship, we had a remarkable stability, an enviable progress. We reached the playoffs to go to Olympiakos who won the championship with a broom, we managed to take him to the 3rd match, thus succeeding in being the only Greek team that won the Champion and this for us in Apollon, who grows up, is very important .

Sure we expected something more as a result, but I think the children have exaggerated themselves, they have made an incredible effort, I told them in the locker room that I want to thank them for asking them to give me their soul and they gave me their heart together and that will be us accompanies in the coming years to remember the awesome year we did. We definitely want to go further, it is certainly not enough for us to be here, we will work slowly and we will see where we will reach “.

As for whether the characterization “dream year” is the one that stays in the final, he said:

“In the end we are left with a bitterness because we wanted to go further, but if anyone told us at the beginning of the season when we changed the team so much and got more inexperienced players… – Do not forget that the transfers we made were from the last team in Greece, the 10th team of Greece, from the penultimate of France, from the infrastructure of Olympiakos, we managed to build such a team and to go as far as possible. I think all the credit goes to the kids, the players, they exaggerated themselves, they made a commitment all year round and in matches and training, they have big dreams and I think they deserve something more. I want to thank them very much. “

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