SportsAris: "The fight continues"

Aris: “The fight continues”


Aris made a “fund” for the year that ended, while he referred to the announcement he issued and what is to be born from now on …

The announcement of KAE Aris states:

“It was August 23, 2021 when Aris made his first gathering for the new season. Nine months later, the season is over for our team. A season with a lot of work, on and off the floor.

On the floor, Aris managed to achieve something that few imagined at the beginning: To return to the play offs and to claim until the end his entry in the top five of the Stoiximan Basket League. A team that was consciously built with the lowest budget in the category, but guided by the fight to the end against any opponent.

Only the bitterness that remained due to the loss of 5th place, in a year that most considered Mars as the first favorite for relegation, demonstrates the commendable course of the team. A team that, having to face competitive problems that few would endure, fought to the end. The sign was clearly positive and even more positive is the feeling that he could have achieved something more. He deserves a big “bravo” in the field, players, coaches, staff, for what they achieved this year. Every weekend in the games, but also every day off camera.

At the same time, Aris had to give an equally difficult match off the floor. A match that started on the 2nd of August, when his file was rejected for reasons that then collapsed, since our team was vindicated in all the competent bodies. The Damocles sword of -3 or -5 and the. Confidence of many for a punishment, fortunately did not affect the fighting section. It certainly did not affect our legal staff, which vindicated Mars everywhere and deserves a lot of congratulations.

But the off-field match was not the only one. The debts of the past chased and are chasing Mars. The pleasant thing is that they decreased significantly during the season. The amount spent on “sins” of the past reaches the seven-digit number. But the “black hole” is not easy to close, since there are many open fronts. And the struggle continues every day.

KAE Aris will soon give a press conference, in which, as it has been doing in recent years in the context of extroversion and full information of the team’s world, it will refer to everything, with data and amounts.

All we ask of the people of Mars is to continue to participate in the increase of the share capital of the company, which has been “running” since the beginning of March. Including the amounts that the OEM itself has, this is the only way, at this stage, for Mars to continue to heal the wounds of the past and continue on its way to the upper classes.

We want to thank from the bottom of our hearts the friends of Mars who supported this year’s effort. Either with a season ticket, or with match tickets, or through AMK. A difficult year, with restrictions due to Covid-19, which even led to races with 10% of the capacity of “Nick Galis Hall”. The effort continues and the support can become even more massive. As only the people of ARIS know… “.

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