SportsWorld Cup 2022: Application of data analysis for the...

World Cup 2022: Application of data analysis for the players of the 32 teams


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FIFA announced today that all players of the 32 teams that will participate in the final phase of the 2022 World Cup (20/11-18/12), will be able to learn their performance data, through a specially designed application developed by the world football federation, which allows footballers access to analysis and information.

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The application has been created at the request of the players, through FIFPRO (international federation of professional football players).

While such data and metrics are widely available to players at top clubs and national teams, who employ teams of analysts, the new app will ensure teams with less financial resources can also access it.

The app will use input, data and performance metrics from FIFA’s performance analysts.

Players will also have access to match photos and can post them on social media along with stats and data.

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