SportsOlympiacos: "Sacrifices" the Championship in some divisions

Olympiacos: “Sacrifices” the Championship in some divisions


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An open debate on the issues of Amateur Olympiakos was held on Monday (3/10). Immediately after, the “red and white” issued a statement to announce the results of this. As emphasized, the Championship will be “sacrificed” in some divisions, to maintain financial balance.

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These divisions are not listed, but they are probably table tennis, swimming, and athletics, with the possibility of more.

The announcement of Amateur Olympiakos:

“The open discussion was held today at the Historical Club of our association, in Marina Zeas, with the aim of informing the active Members about the future of the Amateur.

The president of Olympiakos, Mr. Michalis Kountouris, informed the members present about all the issues that concern the club.

The discussion related to the account of the actions of the administration, the competitive successes of the departments in the last 12 years, from 2010-2011 until today, both in team and individual sports.

Also, reference was made to the establishment of new sports departments (Handball, Women’s Basketball, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Fencing) and the creation of facilities (Martial Arts, Martial Arts at “G. Karaiskakis”, Tennis at the Historical Club and SEF , Handball Training Center in SEF, Beach Volley in Votsalakia, Sailing in Mikrolimano).

During the discussion, the great effort made by the management to cope with the unprecedented financial demands that arose in the era of the coronavirus was highlighted and despite the difficulties the club thrived at a competitive level.

During this period of 12 years, we celebrated countless successes, great distinctions with the conquest of over 100 domestic, but also 8 European titles in team sports and dozens of individual championships.

However, the issue of facilities, despite the efforts and steps that have been taken, has not been definitively resolved. The Association is harmed by the existence of organized Academies that will be housed in facilities worthy of its size in its main departments.

In Greece, the economic crisis, the capital controls, the imposition of high taxes from 2015-2016 on amateur sports, the pandemic that brought closed stadiums and the settlements with the tax office that are constantly increasing.

The Association has already taken preventive measures to prevent what everyone sees coming. Historically, we have never been powerless to deal with anything. The opposite! The need to ensure balance, in an environment of instability, obliges us to be honest with our millions of fans, regarding the decision to “sacrifice” for this year the goal of championships in some of the individual sports.

It is a decision that was made after much thought and was accepted by those present. This same-mindedness, which characterized today’s open discussion, is our guide for the future, which looks bright for Olympiakos. Both on an individual and team level”.

source: on sports

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