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Polo – SEDY Tournament: The trophy for the women of NO Vouliagmeni


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In the last game of the tournament, NO Vouliagmenis defeated after a match with a shocking development, ANO Glyfadas i-repair 10-8. He led 6-4 at the half, and extended the lead to 8-5. It closed with 9-7 in the third eight minutes. ANO Glyfada i-repair was down with Iris Wolves at 6:09, but NO Vouliagmeni’s top scorer Eleni Elliniadis scored her fifth goal of the game (4:07 left) to seal the win for her team.

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SEDY honored Manolis Patlakas and Panagiotis Panagakos, for their long-term contribution to the sport of Water Polo.


The eight minutes: 2-1, 2-5, 3-3, 1-1

ANO GLYFADAS IREPAIR (Th. Andreakos): Karytsa, P. Ninou 1, Moustakaria, Wolves 1, Grigoropoulou 3, E. Ninou 1, Antoniadis, Kanellopoulou, Madenoglou, Fundotou 2, Katsoni, Kontogianni 1, Tsiara, Kakadimi, Adami.

NO VOULIAGMENIS (K. Liosi): Kotsioni, Kaifa 2, Kalogeropoulou, Elliniadi 5, Giannopoulou, Tankeeva, M.Patra 1, Stratidaki 1, Andreadi, Mimidi, Angelidi 1, E. Patra, Markatseli, Krasa.

Referee: Kravaritis, Pantelis.

The Cup was received by the leader of NO Vouliagmeni, Marina Kotsioni, from the General Secretary of SEDY, Maria Daskalopoulou.

In the other two games of the afternoon schedule (02/10), Alimos defeated GS Peristeri 17-7 and Panionios 12-8 over NE Patras.


The eight minutes: 7-1, 4-3, 3-2, 3-1

ALIMOS (V. Pateros): Lazaris, Chaldaiou 1, Kovacevich 2, A. Bitsakou 1, Lykothanasis, Paterou 1, Asimaki 6, Logothetis 1, Michailovich 3, M. Bitsakou, Evdokia Tsimara 1, Helmi 1, Karagiannis, Kyrkou, Theofanopoulou .

GS PERISTERIOU (N. Patras): Zafiraki, Kolitsopoulou 1, Fragaki, Grozopoulou, Apostolidou 1, Konstantopoulou, Berikou 3, Petta 2, Bekri, Kikidou, Gotzia, Kovacevich, Papasifaki, Threpsiadi.

Referees: Markopoulou, Markovic


Eight minutes: 2-2, 2-2, 1-2, 7-2

PANIONIO (A. Papanastasiou): Mitsou, Thomopoulou, I. Mavrotas 3, Bogachenko 2, Kotsafti, Mastrokallou, Galiatsatou 1, E. Loudis, Kotsia 1, A. Loudis 1, D. Papanastasiou, A. Papanastasiou, L. Mavrotas, Vazeou, Weaver 4.

NE PATRON (M. Lazaridis): Giannakea, Androutseli 1, Paraskevopoulou, Krina, Euf. Tsimara 2, Balatsa, Petasi 1, Koureta 2, Moirali, Dassiou 1, D. Kontakou 1, Niarhakou, A. Kontakou, Michalato, Kepenou.

Referees: Daskalopoulou, Vosikas


1.NO Vouliagmeni 15 points

2. ANO Glyfada i-repair 10

3. Alimos 10

4. Panionios 6

5. NE Patron 3

6. GS Peristeri 0

source: on sports

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