SportsPeristeri bwin-Spanoulis: "A team, a family that cares for...

Peristeri bwin-Spanoulis: “A team, a family that cares for each other”


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Peristeriou bwin coach Vassilis Spanoulis gave credit to the players after the match against Bnei Erzelia.

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“It was the first official match of the year. It was only in the fourth period that we relaxed and we have to improve that. We have to understand that the game lasts 40 minutes. We are a new team. Kudos to the kids for their adjustment. We distributed the ball well, we distributed 23 assists for 9 mistakes, it’s a great number. However, we missed a lot of rebounds, defensively and offensively. We gave them second chances. We have to change that. It is not easy for all the children to get into the philosophy of the team and mine as a coach. We have to improve in many things” was the first comment of the “cyano-citrine” coach.

Then he was asked about the people who go to the stadium to see him now coaching, Vassilis Spanoulis, argued: “I don’t want the stadium to be filled for my name but for the children. Children are the protagonists. Basketball has died in me as a player. I am now taking on a new career, I will pursue it with the same zeal. For me it is important that people come and applaud my players. Be sure that every time we will show up better to cope with the demands, We will set the limits for ourselves, we set the limits and we will overcome them”.

When asked how much of a ‘Spanoulis team’ Peristeri bwin is, he explained: ‘I don’t like to put numbers. We are certainly at a good level for the season. We are a new team. It’s not easy for kids. Many of them were playing at a lower level. They are all my personal choice. I want to take this opportunity to thank the management who managed to bring the players we wanted. We try to improve every day. The point is to fill the stadium and bring the world of Peristeri to the closed.”

And he added: “The game is alive.” I never pre-select who will play more or less. We want to put the new kids in, give them opportunities, to gradually earn their time. Nothing is given to you in this life. Everyone gets what they deserve. It is up to me how I handle the material at my disposal. We want to play modern basketball, as dictated by the trends of the time. Basketball is played depending on the players you have available. The style we will play is aggressive.”

Finally, about the elements he had as a player and distinguished in his team’s game, he said: “We had motivation, ambition, a huge passion to prove that we can become a very good team. A team, a family that cares about each other, that all we care about is winning and not statistics.”

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