TechnologyArtemis 1 once again revealed the beauty of our...

Artemis 1 once again revealed the beauty of our world during its journey to the Moon


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Artemis 1 mission, astronauts Return to the surface of the moon after 50 years will open the way. The first test flight will send the uncrewed Orion capsule around the moon, and many technologies will be tested during the mission. The main objective of the Artemis mission is to place the gateway in orbit around the moon and build a permanent base on the lunar surface. NASA’s Artemis 1 mission will build on Mars missions planned for the 2030s.

Here are pictures from Artemis 1:

Artemis 1Although he faced many troubles during the trial, he finally began his journey to the moon. Artemis 1’s Orion module contains 16 cameras, some designed to monitor the spacecraft and others to observe the Moon. And images from Artemis 1, shared by NASA on its Twitter account, include images and videos of the spacecraft moving away from Earth in stages.

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