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Battlefield can’t compete with Call of Duty, according to Sony


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At the beginning of the year, Microsoft became one of the largest game developers and publishers of all time. Activision Blizzardannounced that they would acquire the merger, which is subject to antitrust investigations in the process by multiple governments, Sony It was also subject to constant criticism. Fearing that Call of Duty is exclusive to Xbox and has repeatedly stated that it will hinder the competition, the Japanese giant has once again spoken about the series.

The Battlefield series cannot compete with Call of Duty

About the Microsoft-Blizzard UK investigation PC GamerSpeaking to Sony, Sony talked about the success of the Call of Duty series. No matter what Sony is equipped with, no competitor can match the success of Call of Duty. can’t reach and Call of Duty Unable to copy said. Saying that the best-selling game in the last ten years has been in the CoD series almost every year, the company once again spoke about the damage that the merger of Microsoft and Blizzard could cause to the gaming world.

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Sony said, “Other publishers don’t have the resources or expertise to match the success of the series” and “to give a specific example, Electronic Arts, one of the biggest third-party developers after Activision, has been trying to compete for years. Call of Duty with its Battlefield series.” he continued. Later, the company talked about the difference in the success of the two series, although EA has developed many successful AAA series and Battlefield is similar to Call of Duty in many ways. According to Sony statistics, the Call of Duty series by August 2021 400 million in sales Until the Battlefield series reached 88.7 million sales reached

According to Microsoft, Sony needn’t worry

Battlefield can't compete with Call of Duty, according to Sony

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