TechnologyFor ten days, this terrible video was discussed: Why...

For ten days, this terrible video was discussed: Why are these sheep turning?


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Like a crowd of sheep to follow blindly Although explained as “Does a sheep really follow the whole herd in a circle for days without stopping?” It’s been online for about a week busy And a mystery that’s harder to solve than you’d expect.

It looks like an ant’s death spiral.

Chinese state administration on November 16. People’s Daily A news source on Twitter identified dozens of sheep in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Perfectly concentric circles He shared a creepy video of himself painting around. video when published more than 10 days Been following this pattern for a while and that’s it Ranchers It was terrible.

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Some people on the Internet of ants as it sometimes does to the death spiral He claimed to have entered. Other of these reptiles from clamp disease They claimed he was suffering. During this disease, One side of your brain can infect and on the affected side Soil bacteria that cause susceptibility, however, are usually a clamp disease Only a few percent of sheep are infected Samples of fasteners They die after a few days.

According to reports, the sheep keep coming back

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media organizations 12 days in a row How did the sheep behave at this time? what they eat, they drink or with their terrain No relevant details have been released. as far as is known this situation They continue again.

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Animal Husbandry Specialist at the University of New England in Armidale, Australia. Emma DoyleNick Kilvert from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) statementAs soon as I looked at it, I thought I had never seen a sheep behave like this. It seems a bit dangerous. It seems that they put something in the middle to prevent them from entering.” said.

This video has been discussed for ten days: Why are these sheep turning?

There may be zoocosis syndrome

Agronomist at Hartpury University in England Matt BellThis is the secret Fraud He doesn’t think he is. He told Newsweek’s Robin White that the sheep had long Stuck in the corral then disappointed that they could and walk in a circle that they can begin told him.

This video has been discussed for ten days: Why are these sheep turning?

belle, “Then the other sheep join them and join or befriend them because they are herd animals.” he says explains.

The mystery continues

According to UK Metro, in Inner Mongolia The owner of the sheep As the days go by more sheep He realized that he was involved. Here is Bell’s explanation Supports. According to the news, the same In the field No flock of sheep is like that He didn’t behave. There was only this group.

in Inner Mongolia circular herd Explain why he did so exact explanation has not come yet.

Source: donanim haber

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