TechnologyKVKK has announced: There has been a data leak...

KVKK has announced: There has been a data leak in the Mobile Legends game


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Personal Data Protection Authority (KVKK)announced that a data leak has occurred in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game, which is played by thousands of players in our country. A lot of personal user data, including IP information, was leaked.

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According to KVKK, in the period from September 12 to September 15 3375 users data Captured by hackers. e-mail Email, User ID, Gender, Score, Registration Date, Last Visit Time, Registered IP and Last Visited IP has information. Data is sold on the site. About the data breach [email protected] It is noted that they can receive information from an email address.

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As the value of digital data increases, many companies experience data breaches. KVKK has so far issued data breach notices on websites and mobile apps. A data breach has now occurred in the game. Mobile Legends game can be downloaded from App Store and Play Store for free. It is one of the most downloaded games of its kind.

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Shanghai Moonton Technology Co. Ltd Briefly, in the data breach notification provided by KVKK;

  • The data breach occurred due to the sharing of data of users who are members of a discussion forum site related to a game called Mobile Legends, operated by a data controller, on a website,
  • The data breach started on 12.09.2022, ended on 15.09.2022 and was detected on 03.11.2022.
  • 3,375 users and members of the forum site were affected by the data breach,
  • Identity, communication (email), transaction security and other (user ID, username, domain visits, gender, domain used, scores, reputation, assets, contribution points, registration date, last visit time, IP used during registration) from data breach , IP of last visit and time of last activity) are affected by the data,
  • Regarding data breaches of data subjects [email protected] information from their email address.

Statements were included.

Source: donanim haber

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