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Autoworld News: The prospects of a new Chinese auto brand in Russia are assessed


The Russian market may or may not accept the Chinese premium car brand Hongqi, it is difficult to predict reactions, but the company has prospects, including in the luxury segment. This opinion was expressed in an interview with Radio Sputnik by the editor-in-chief of the magazine Za Rulem Maxim Kadakov.

He said Hongqi used to produce high-end cars for the ruling Communist Party of China and it was impossible to buy them for easy use, but now everything has changed and the company has started exporting its cars.

“As for our market, there is always one question – what kind of car will we have, with what productivity. If in the one in which it is sold in China, then the question arises about the price and to whom this car is aimed. Here it is possible to have completely different incredible reactions from the market, according to which scenario everything will go, not so clear. For example, when Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury brand, appeared, many skeptics said they would not buy these cars because there were BMWs and Mercedes. “But they started buying because even people with money count money,” Kadakov said.

He added that Chinese cars are much better now but also more expensive, i.e. Hongqi is a segment above Genesis and is trying to compete with Maybach, Bentley, AURUS. Kadakov is confident that initially the brand will sell only pieces, but in the future may increase its share of the Russian market, including in the luxury segment.

Earlier it was reported that by the end of 2022, sales of Chinese manufacturer Hongqi cars may begin in the Russian Federation. But there has been no official confirmation of this information yet.

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