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New Lexus NX crossovers will be recalled from Russia due to problems with the steering wheel


Lexus plans to recall the off-road version of the Lexus NX 419 in the Russian Federation.

As part of the Rosstandart website, it was reported that the recall campaign covers cars sold in Russia since January 16 of this year.

According to experts, due to a software malfunction, the crossover may suffer from malfunctions of the steering and brake systems. Experts note that the indicator of the upper limit of the angle of rotation of the steering wheel may reach earlier than expected. This is due to incorrect programming of the queue management system.

It is known that the unit involved in the control of the anti-skid system may incorrectly determine possible overloads in the wiring of the electronic version of the parking brake.

This brings the system into safe mode. In this case, it will not be possible to turn the brake on or off. The occurrence of this situation is notified by a special control lamp in the passenger compartment. In this case, a corresponding information message will appear on the screen.

Lexus crossovers such as NX 250 and NX 350 will participate in the recall campaign. Within the framework of special service stations of such vehicles, the corresponding control units should be reprogrammed free of charge.

As part of the Rosstandart website, a list of special VIN numbers of cars that are subject to cancellation is published. Drivers can check their cars for participation in these programs using the Auto.ru service.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that in the summer, the Toyota car concern conducted a recall in the Russian Federation of off-road modifications of the Lexus RX, as well as “samasi” Land Cruiser. According to company representatives, these models may have flaws in the operation of the exchange rate stability system.

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