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Tesla Model S battery lost: its owner is asked for a record replacement fee


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Although electric vehicles are sustainable, their batteries will eventually need to be replaced. Because, as in our smartphones, batteries can be completely drained for various reasons. Who will have this problem Tesla The owner announced on TikTok that he declined the battery replacement fee he was offered considering it was high.

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TikTok user Mario Zelaya, in a video he posted Tesla Model S He talked about the problems he had with the car. Zelaya points out that the battery in the Model S in the video, which has received more than 15 million views, was completely dead and therefore unable to even get into the car, Zelaya also says the car was unresponsive to the charging process.

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2013 year per year 140,000 Tesla is bought for dollars (Canadian dollars) Model S requested Battery replacement fee If 28000 Canadian dollars (US$ 21,000). Zelaya, who refused this very high fee, found a solution by selling the car. Zelaya, on the other hand, explained that he took the Model S to his country’s regulator, Transport Canada, where technicians told him that the drain hose in the car’s air conditioning unit was sitting on the battery chamber, so water was constantly leaking. The battery pack and batteries are damaged. This is a manufacturing issue Seen on some 2013 and 2014 model Ss.

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Tesla’s high battery replacement cost isn’t the first problem. at the beginning of the year Finn A Model S owner found the €20,000 battery replacement bill too high. If the problem 30 kilograms of dynamite with your car with an explosion It worked out, because at that time the price of a used Model S was about 35 thousand euros.

Tesla’s standards for the Model S are not met

However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made statements about battery performance a few years ago. Batteries according to mask 300 thousand to 500 thousand miles (from about 480 thousand km to 800 thousand km) have a life expectancy. Without the need to completely replace the batteries 21 to 25 years old It is also said to be designed to work. But in this scenario, only the Model S is relevant 77,000 miles (125,000 km) level.

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