TechnologyThe next-gen Switch processor has appeared: it may have...

The next-gen Switch processor has appeared: it may have DLSS and Ray Tracing support


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The Nintendo Switch, which debuted in 2017, Tegra X1 Although it offered enough performance for a portable console with its processor, the device could not perform well enough for a home console when connected to a TV or monitor. Although the system accepts many AAA games with nice ports 4-core Cortex-A57 processor and 256 shadow kernel Even at 1080p it seriously struggled. With the release of the new generation of consoles, claims about a more powerful Pro model of the Nintendo Switch with support for 4K resolution have intensified. While these claims grew last year, Nintendo upset those who were expecting a Pro model by introducing a Switch OLED model. It’s unclear when Nintendo will unveil the Switch Pro or Switch 2, but new information about a potential Switch device continues to trickle in.

Nvidia Tegra T239 Revealed: May Come With 2048 CUDA Cores

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Linux kernel modification by Nvidia employee, Tegra T239 Check the chipset. Earlier, claims that the next-gen Switch will use a custom version of the Nvidia T234 chipset were also confirmed via Linux code. The Tegra T239 code makes many references to the Tegra T234 chipset. with your chipset code 8 cores will also be indicated.

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The Tegra T239, a customized version of the Tegra T234, is from Nvidia Ampere architectureIt will be designed by i. Images of the Tegra T234 chipset have been revealed Up to 2048 CUDA cores and Cortex-A78 This shows that it will use cores. Also this chipset 4 TFLOPS It’s also said to have graphics performance that suggests a 9x performance boost over the standard Switch. Nvidia could make a serious difference by customizing the Tegra T234 chipset for the Switch, but the T239 will offer a massive performance boost over the Tegra X1.

And finally, although the Tegra T239 was created in the Ampere architecture, some girlfriend It also claims that it can support features specific to its architecture. The second generation of Nintendo Switch Graphical programming interfaceContains references to DLSS 2.2 and ray tracing. It’s unclear which console Nintendo will use the aforementioned new Tegra processor on, but the Switch Pro or Switch 2 we could see in the coming years offer incredible performance compared to the current generation.

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