Top World810 soldiers and 24 tanks per day

810 soldiers and 24 tanks per day


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810 more Russian occupiers were killed by the Ukrainian army in the last day. In total, since the start of the full-scale invasion, Russia has already lost more than 80,000 of its troops, as reported on the morning of November 12.

In addition, according to the headquarters, Russian troops lost:

  • tanks ‒ 2838 (+24),
  • armored fighting vehicles – 5730 (+34) units,
  • artillery systems ‒ 1829 (+12) units,
  • RSZV ‒ 393
  • air defense means ‒ 205
  • aircraft ‒ 278,
  • 261 helicopters
  • UAV operational-tactical level – 1506
  • cruise missiles – 399
  • ships/boats – 16
  • car equipment and tankers ‒ 4,279 (+20) units,
  • special equipment ‒ 160.
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On September 21, Russia launched a war against Ukraine for the first time in six months. Russian Defense Minister Serhiy Shoigu said the Russian military’s losses in the war in Ukraine amounted to 5,937 dead.

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According to the Pentagon, by November 9, more than 100,000 Russian military personnel had been killed and wounded in Ukraine.

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Britain’s defense minister said that the losses of the Russian army during the large-scale invasion of Ukraine reached 25 thousand dead.

source: radio svoboda

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