Top Worldit targets the infrastructure required to start up power...

it targets the infrastructure required to start up power units 5 and 6


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On Sunday morning, the Russian military fired at least 12 munitions against the infrastructure of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, state-run Energoatom reported on November 20.

“As a result, communication overpasses with special bodies, chemically desalinated water storage tanks, steam generator cleaning system, auxiliary systems of one of the two diesel engines of the general station and other infrastructure equipment of the station were damaged. Three strikes were also recorded in the Rainbow substation area. Information about damage and destruction there is still being verified,” the company’s press service said.

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According to her, the nature of the damage indicates that Russian troops targeted the infrastructure necessary to start up power units 5 and 6 and restore electricity production from the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant for Ukraine’s needs.

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At the same time, Energoatom recently decided to bring these power units to a minimally controlled power level in order to obtain the steam needed in winter to ensure the safety of the power units.

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“The Russians tried in every possible way to prevent the Ukrainian personnel of the station from starting the power units. The fake plant manager from Rosatom, Romanenko, with the help of the Russian army, who seized ZNPP and uses it as its own military base, prevented the preparation of the power units to bring them to the minimum power level. However, this was not enough for them and today the Racists shot and destroyed the equipment itself, the failure of which makes it impossible to take further actions regarding the commissioning of the ZNPP power units,” the message reads.

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“Energoatom” called Russia’s actions “nuclear blackmail” and called on the international community “to take immediate measures to demilitarize the ZNPP as soon as possible.”

Earlier, during the night and day of November 20, more than ten powerful explosions were heard in the area.

Russia seized the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant on March 4. Since then, the ZNPP has come under repeated fire, for which Kyiv and Moscow have blamed each other. After informing the Russian authorities about the annexation of the Zaporizhia region, the Russian government decided to “nationalize” the nuclear power plant.

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In September, experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) published a report based on the results of their visit to the ZNPP. They called for a “safe zone” around the station and an end to bombing because of the threat of a nuclear incident.

The idea of ​​demilitarizing the zone around the station is shared by Ukraine, representatives of the European Union and the United States. Russia opposes this proposal because, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry, it “will make the power plant even more vulnerable.”

source: radio svoboda

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