Top WorldWhen will Ukraine receive the next HIMARS and fighters?

When will Ukraine receive the next HIMARS and fighters?


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When will Ukraine receive the next HIMARS and fighters? Interview with the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee of the US Congress

The US and other allies are working to collect and supply Ukraine with 25-30 HIMARS and MLRS multiple launch systems. Adam Smith, the chairman of the Armed Services Committee of the US House of Representatives, who was in Kyiv with the bipartisan delegation of the US Congress, said this in an exclusive interview with Radio Liberty Ukraine. In the interview, he also talked about when Ukraine will be able to receive American fighter jets and long-range missiles.

“They completely stripped and searched while occupying.” The story of a Ukrainian fighter about the Russian capture in Olenivka

For 42 days, a Ukrainian soldier, Marine Serhiy (alias “Cossack”) was in Russian captivity. He was in a prisoner of war camp, located in the occupied village of Olenivka, in the Donetsk region.

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Today, a soldier who lost his arm during the injury is undergoing rehabilitation in the Lviv region. On the conditions of Russian captivity ‒ from Radio Svoboda.

Are Russia’s Crimean War Losses Hiding?

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In Crimea, they are beginning to understand that “the threat of transferring the war to the territory of the Crimean peninsula is becoming a reality for them,” Ukraine’s military intelligence service said. The section analyzes social sentiments in Crimea.

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Information about the losses of the elite 810th brigade of Russian marines in Crimea is suppressed and hidden by the Russian authorities in every possible way. Official numbers are not announced. Ukrainian military expert Vladyslav Seleznyov believes there are more dead than reported in Crimea. Because the so-called “soldier’s radio” works, which tells about the real losses of the Russian army in Ukraine.

According to the calculations of the military intelligence service of Ukraine, the 810th brigade lost about 300 people in the battles near Mariupol alone. According to the GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, about 200 marines of the brigade refused to return to the war. According to the forecasts of the military intelligence service of Ukraine, by the end of summer, the Russian Federation will form 16 new volunteer battalions – about 4 thousand people in each region.

“They are hitting the CHIMARs. Everything goes according to NATO standards. You can never underestimate your opponent. You just won’t get it with one hit today” – this is how a Russian soldier of the 126th brigade describes the Armed Forces and the war. His interview was published in the newspaper “Krymski Visti”.

Check out the new issue of Krym.Realii.

Here’s a rundown of what you might have missed:

NATO information flight

Military activities in Ukraine and the western part of Russia – through the eyes of NATO spies. Almost every day, aerial reconnaissance of the North Atlantic Alliance takes to the air – this is many times more often than before the large-scale war in Ukraine. They patrol the airspace around the allies’ borders so they don’t miss the threat – from their potential enemy. And his possible preparation for a more global war. What do the scouts of the world’s most powerful defense alliance see in the sky? They were joined – exclusively – by Radio Liberty’s EU correspondent, Zoriana Stepanenko.

“Friend”, “honorary lawyer”, “servant of the people” of Yermak: who is the new Prosecutor General Kostin?

“Servant of the people” Andriy Kostin is the new prosecutor general. For his purpose.

For the second time, Kostin takes the chair that Iryna Venediktova had before him: first it was when she left the post of head of the Legal Policy Committee, and now – .

  • Why is Kostin called the head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak?
  • What did he do for almost three years in the Verkhovna Rada?
  • How did Costin’s relatives end up subservient to other MPs?
  • Why couldn’t he become the head of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office?
  • But what kind of attorney general can he be?

About all this – to .

Did the Russian military know they were going to fight in Ukraine? Interviews with captured soldiers

3 thousand national currencies per month – so much of the state budget of Ukraine goes to support a Russian prisoner of war. Official Kyiv does not disclose their total number.

Prisoners of war must be kept separately from other prisoners. According to the Geneva Convention, with three meals a day or, say, with a guaranteed change of bed linen – that is, in everyday conditions at the officer level.

Radio Liberty correspondent Taras Levchenko spoke to Russians who took part in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine and asked them: when and under what conditions were they arrested? How do they live in the holding area? But how long did they wait for the exchange?

In addition, we received comments from the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine about the previously unknown nuances of the distribution of Russian prisoners of war in detention centers, as well as an answer to the question of which of them the Kremlin wants first. take home

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Life amid the ruins: Moschun village still recovering from fierce fighting for Kyiv

At the beginning of the full Russian invasion of Ukraine, the village of Moschun became one of the outposts that helped the Ukrainian army win the battle for Kyiv. Retired special forces colonel Liam Collins, who now runs New York’s Madison Policy Forum, believes Russian troops were unable to advance when they crossed the river near the village of Moschun because Ukrainian civilians resisted by informing the armed forces of all army movements. “The Russians couldn’t get past the intelligence network that the Ukrainians built,” he says.

Ukrainian troops completely liberated Moschun from Russian forces on March 21. The village, where most of the buildings were destroyed, is still recovering from the fighting. In the fields around the village, you can see debris from the explosions, mine warnings and even Russian military uniforms left over from the fighting. People who lost their homes are building new homes or living in modular homes provided by charities. What’s happening now at Moschun – .

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source: radio svoboda

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