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The secret hiding place of Elizabeth II to hide her jewels in Windsor Castle in case Hitler won


Windsor Castle is located 50 kilometers from London. While the Nazis took control of London, through the so-called blitz bombings. During these bombings in World War II, this castle served as the residence of the Royal Family. Then Isabel II was a princess, since it was not until 1952 when she inherited the reign of her father. Currently, this palace serves as the residence of the current British queen during weekends and on some occasions for celebrations.

The UK has kept the whereabouts of the royal jewels secret for more than 75 years. That is why during so many years of intrigue and ignorance different hypotheses have been made about their whereabouts, some said that they were in secret boxes or in secret tunnels of the castle. However, writer Colin Brown took it upon himself to reveal the true hideout in his book Operation Big, The race to stop Hitler’s a Bomb and it was later confirmed.

In this book the author revealed the place where the royal crown jewels were found, they were hidden in glass jars. Although the family settled at Windsor Palace, within the Royal Family itself it was unknown where these jewels were foundThat is why neither Princess Isabel nor her sister Margarita had any knowledge of his whereabouts.

During the Nazi settlement, the Royal Family wanted to avoid at all costs that the jewels could fall into the hands of the Nazis, as they considered these royal jewels to be a national treasure. The crown jewels are of unsurpassed value in the world, as these include the St Edward’s Crown, the Chief State Crown, the Black Prince’s Ruby, and the Imperial Crown of India.

The crowns, scepters and orbs that were in the round tower were taken out and hid just as they did with the jewels.. In this way, the Royal Family put on means to prevent the Nazis from reaching “their treasures”.

One day the two sisters were taken to the vaults, where drums were also hidden to make defense bombs in case the conquest by the Nazis in Great Britain took place.

In the vaults the two sisters they could see two leather hatboxeswhich contained inside the jewels wrapped by pieces in old newspapers. In order to keep the jewels, the family had to remove the most valuable elements such as diamonds.. In the case of the ruby, before being wrapped, it was placed in a glass container. This bottle was also placed inside a Bath Oliver biscuit tin, so it would go unnoticed.

It should be noted that the royal family was afraid of the Nazi conquest, therefore, they not only kept the jewels safe, but also other objects such as the coronation chair, in which all the kings had been crowned, except one. LThey took her out of Windsor Palace and took her to the cathedral to be guarded there. In addition, all the people who were dedicated to the art world decided to hide and save the works of art by wrapping them in cotton for fear of the Nazi invasion.

All the rumors that moved around the whereabouts, had no certainty until it was confirmed.

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