HealthcareWHO again announced the Covid alert: is it worth...

WHO again announced the Covid alert: is it worth the fear or not?


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WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. According to him, subvariants of the Omicron strain are causing new waves of hospitalizations and deaths worldwide, reports Kommersant. Ghebreyesus called on the state authorities to take measures against the spread of the disease, in particular, to use masks. tried to find out whether the threat is real or not.

According to the data of the World Health Organization, since the beginning of July, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus has increased by 30% compared to the previous month.

“Significant loss of attention [к пандемии]Reduced testing makes it harder to identify new variants of the coronavirus and how it spreads, and reduces the effectiveness of measures to combat them. In general, diagnosis, treatment and vaccination are not carried out satisfactorily”, said Gebreyesus.

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WHO expert, Kazan State Medical University professor Vladimir Mendelevich considers Ghebreyesus’s statement justified.

“As for the numbers, everything here is more or less obvious: a sharp increase in infection in a number of countries and in the whole world is evident, yesterday there were one and a half million new cases,” he said. The conscience of the national government”.

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The expert added that Turkish authorities, for example, are not in a hurry to take measures against COVID.

“Not a single new case has been reported in Turkey this week. Here we are talking about the honesty of the local authorities, who do not seem to want to admit the unpleasant facts, because the coronavirus has been detected in many Russians who have returned from there. “From vacation,” said Mendelevich.

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Meanwhile, in China, where the Covid pandemic began in 2019, the situation is being closely monitored. On Monday, July 11, even before the announcement of the head of the WHO, a strict lockdown was introduced in the city of Wugan, where about 300 thousand people live, due to one detected case of COVID-19. Local residents were forbidden to leave their homes.

In France, the parliament has put the complete cancellation of the Covid passport system on the agenda after August 1. This decision was supported by both left and right political forces, although the number of new cases of coronavirus in the country has already exceeded the previous wave. However, in order to make a decision, it must be approved by the Senate, where, unlike the lower house, more moderate sentiments prevail.

In Russia, in order to strengthen the authorities of St. Petersburg, it was decided to take measures against COVID. The governor of the northern capital, Aleksandr Beglov, urged city residents to take stock of pre-made masks from cabinets and wear them at least on public transport. Apparently, many residents of St. Petersburg responded to this call: there were much more masked people in the metro, and in spring and June, citizens no longer remembered such protection measures.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Moscow increased by 57% last week, but the low base effect plays a role here, notes.

Rospotrebnadzor, which announced the lifting of the country’s anti-Covid measures just two weeks ago, has confirmed it has no plans to return to the restrictions. The department noted that the “Omicron” strain is not so dangerous.

Conspiracy theorists also started expressing their opinion regarding the new statement of the WHO. Many believe that the authorities of some countries are trying to divert the attention of residents from urgent problems (for example, the economic crisis), and the World Health Organization is helping them in this. Some believe that the head of the World Health Organization just wanted to remind himself, as well as the need to fund the organization, the newspaper writes.

Source: rambler

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