PoliticsThe US Embassy called on Americans to leave Ukraine

The US Embassy called on Americans to leave Ukraine


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The US Embassy in Kyiv issued an official warning on Thursday, July 14. Employees of the diplomatic mission urged the citizens not to enter the territory of Ukraine. TASS writes about it.

The diplomats also gave recommendations to the Americans who are currently on Ukrainian soil. They were advised to “leave it immediately, take advantage of what is available <…> Ground transportation options if safe to do so.”

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The embassy advised compatriots to avoid large gatherings and events in any way “anywhere in Ukraine, including its western regions.”

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In addition, the employees of the diplomatic mission published instructions on how to behave in emergency situations on the website. They were told how to behave in case of rocket and artillery bombardment.

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According to them, a very difficult, unstable situation has developed in Ukraine, which can worsen at any moment.

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Maria Zakharova, reminded American diplomats in her Telegram channel that Washington is constantly sending weapons and military equipment to Kyiv. Their use, in his opinion, “provokes the prolongation of the conflict and loss of life”.

Source: rambler

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