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Britain: Wage hike negotiations fruitless – Train strike continues


Transport turmoil in Britain after fruitless wage negotiations. The government plans to reduce the impact of the strikes. How the media moves.

The employees of British railways resume their strike today a day after fruitless negotiations for salary increase proportional to inflation, which reaches record levels in the country and could exceed 11% by the end of the year.

It was the second largest strike day of the week, followed by the third on Saturday. Only one train out of five will run at the lines will only open from 7:30 to 18:30shorter than the standard schedule.

In the face of this historic mobilization, the government has now announced its purpose amend the law allowing temporary workers to be used to replace strikes and reduce the impact of strikes.

These arrangements, which must be approved by Parliament, are expected to take effect in the coming weeks and be implemented in France, Scotland and Wales.

For Transport Minister Grand Saps, this reform is “important“and” ensure that any future strikes will cause less disruption and allow flexible, flexible and fully trained staff to continue working. ”

“The RMT transport union, which announced the strike, is calling for wage increases in tandem with inflation, but has also denounced the prospect.”thousands of redundancies“and the deterioration of working conditions.

A Network Rail spokesman said “failedHe called the strike “unnecessary and premature.”

The TSSA union said yesterday that its members in Merseyrail, one of several private railway companies, had been offered a 7.1% salary increase, putting a little more pressure on negotiations between RMT and its employees. .

“Wage increases are possible and completely justified,” the union said in a Twitter post today.

source: news 24 7



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