Top Worldwhy does Putin's statements strike him?

why does Putin’s statements strike him?


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Anna Ogrenchuk

On the International Day of Peace, Putin gave a speech that, in effect, signifies the Kremlin’s recognition of the fact of war, albeit without an official statement. The president of Russia announced the start of partial mobilization and support for the so-called “referendums” in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions of Ukraine.

It seems that this is not an escalation of armed aggression, but a sincere attempt by the Kremlin to “legitimize” its actions, at least according to Russian laws, since the actions of the Russian Federation have long had nothing to do with the rule of law.

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These steps by Putin show how weak and sick the Russian government is, especially against the background of the front and the growing support of the civilized world.

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It is clear that the Putin regime is in a chaotic search for solutions to continue justifying war and “saving face” of a man whose misguided imperialist desires are driving his country of 140 million people into complete isolation and poverty.

What will change for Ukraine?

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Mock referendums in the territories of Ukraine temporarily held by Russia are scheduled for September 23-27.

Occupying authorities in Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions had previously spoken of preparing for a “show of will”, but kept postponing its implementation.

when almost the entire region was recaptured in a few weeks, it forced the leadership of the Russian Federation to act.

By the way, a so-called referendum was also planned in the Kharkiv region from November 1 to 7, where the result of the “vote” was known in advance: 75% were in favor of joining the Russian Federation.

I wrote about this with reference to a document received from sources in one of the intelligence services of Ukraine.

Useless quasi-votes

On September 21, Putin announced his support for the proxy vote.

And we can already say that the result will be as fake as its organization and implementation. But the rhetoric of the Russian president looks more like an excuse to the domestic public for all the failures of the Russian army at the front than a legitimization of the temporarily occupied territories.

However, strictly speaking, Putin’s statements are an acknowledgment of the fact of war and an attempt to “legitimize” his criminal actions, and not an announcement of another round of escalation of aggression against Ukraine.

Everything, as usual, turns upside down:

  • Russian Federation Restores ‘Historical Borders’
  • Russian Armed Forces – “liberators, patriots”,
  • and Ukrainians and the Ukrainian government are “illegals, neo-Nazis, murderers and executioners.”

There is nothing new here and from a legal point of view, neither Putin’s statements nor his regime’s actions have any legal significance for Ukraine.

Ukraine. For seven months now, Ukraine has restrained full-scale aggression, and the fact that Russia is waging an aggressive war against Ukraine is recognized by most countries of the world and the UN.

The Ukrainian territories occupied by the Russian army as a result of the hostilities had the legal status of temporarily occupied for 7 months, and therefore all “decisions of the Kremlin on the expression of will” are legally invalid from the point of view of international law and National legislation.

have already been announced, including in the context 77th session of the UN General Assemblywhere a high level week is currently underway.

Ukraine, always for the full possession of the territories and the restoration of the borders recognized by the world in 1999.

Putin showed the world that pacifism doesn’t work

The actions of the Putin regime, in effect, legitimize a strategy whereby each state can seize the legitimate territory of another by force, establish an occupation regime there, and organize and hold so-called referendums on membership in the country attacked under the muzzle of machine guns.

Also, as part of this strategy, the Russian Federation shows that everyone can:

  • to occupy the territory of another country by force;
  • establish an occupation regime there.
  • and under the muzzle of machine guns organizes and conducts there the so-called referendums for joining the attacking country.
  • On the other hand, all attempts by the country victim of the attack to recover its territory and resist should be classified as an attack.
  • and also to passport and mobilize there to send non-private citizens to the front.

Thus, Russia’s actions undermine all international security.

I hope that the latest statements of the head of the Kremlin will be the final stimulus for the creation of the Special Court and will form the basis of the substantiated basis of charges against Putin personally and other military and political leaders of the Russian Federation for committing the crime of aggression against of sovereign Ukraine and its territorial integrity, for violating the fundamental principles of international peace and security.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s cynical speech on the World Day of Peace is also a message to the civilized world that the policy of pacifism is not working.

Only determined resistance, complete isolation of the aggressor, fuel embargo and complete and final SWIFT disconnection for the Russian financial system can end the war. And along with this comprehensive and strong support of Ukraine.

Who else will be in charge?

For the organizers and executors of the Kremlin’s criminal orders in the occupied territories, there will also be legal consequences for their actions in the form of criminal prosecution for committing war crimes.

They must know that the organization of the so-called referendums, the forced mobilization and the issuing of passports, as well as all other measures to establish a “Russian peace” – all these actions contain international crimes, for which sooner or later they will have to answer.

The Kremlin’s decision to announce a partial mobilization could be the beginning of the end for Russia itself. Because actually, on September 21st, seven months after launching a full-scale war against Ukraine, Putin told every Russian from a TV screen that Russia is for war, not some fancy “special de-zooming operation” somewhere. And whether that war comes straight home is only a matter of time.

Because as calculated by the military leadership of the Russian Federation, they have a reserve of 25 million.

So what will those who zealously supported the armed attack on Ukraine and the atrocities against Ukrainians say from their couches in front of the television?

The answer is already obvious: long queues to leave Russia, sold-out airline tickets, collapse of Russian markets and protests in 38 cities.

During the 7 months of full-scale war against Ukraine, the rhetoric of ordinary Russians has changed dramatically: from “we will take Kyiv in 3 days” to “watch out, calls are being shared on the streets.”

Time will tell if the Russians will understand that the political will of an authoritarian leader has not only led to death, suffering and destruction in Ukraine, but has also turned Russia itself into a pariah in the international community, and the Russians are pushing for complete isolation and the financial crisis.

Anna Ogrenchuk President of the Union of Lawyers of Ukraine

The views expressed in the “Point of view” column convey the views of the authors themselves and do not necessarily reflect the position of Radio Liberty

source: radio svoboda

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