Top WorldMedia: Ukraine asks the West for urgent delivery of...

Media: Ukraine asks the West for urgent delivery of tanks for “counter-attack”


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Ukrainian authorities are demanding an urgent delivery of modern tanks, Politico reports, citing sources.

However, Western countries are not in a hurry to fulfill the request. In light of the counteroffensive in the Kharkiv and Kherson regions, the tanks took first place on the wish list of Kiev, which expects even greater success with the help of the American Abrams or the German Leopards.

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However, senior US and German national security officials have been slow to hand over the tanks, in part due to development and logistical difficulties. These tanks are a completely different system from Soviet-era vehicles and require significant maintenance and logistics.

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The Leopards are better suited for close combat, Politico said, because they are similar to the tanks already in use in Ukraine and require less fuel than the Abrams. But Germany has repeatedly rejected Ukraine’s request for the vehicles, and Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht recently said Berlin had agreed with its NATO partners not to take such action “unilaterally.”

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It is noted that Ukraine receives Soviet-made armored vehicles from Western allies. Poland alone has transferred about 250 T-72 tanks, and the United States has signed an agreement to purchase the same number of Abrams.

Source: rambler

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