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Reuters: US says deadlocked talks to restore Iran nuclear deal


Talks on restoring the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Iran’s nuclear program have been suspended, TASS reports, citing Reuters.

A senior US State Department official said Washington and Tehran have failed to reach an agreement as Iran continues to complete an International Atomic Energy Agency investigation into the origin of uranium particles at undeclared nuclear facilities. According to the agency’s source, there is nothing to indicate that Iran is ready to change its position at the UN General Assembly, in which the President of the Republic, Ebrahim Rice, is participating.

According to the diplomat, Iranian authorities have asked negotiators from the United States and Europe to convince the Atomic Energy Agency to stop the investigation.

The IAEA has launched an investigation into several Iranian facilities that have previously found traces of uranium. A key condition for restoring the Iran nuclear deal is providing agency inspectors with access to these facilities. In June, a resolution was passed condemning Tehran for refusing to provide information on the origin of nuclear material found at the sites.

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