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Richest Russian, still unsanctioned, supplied steel to Russian Federation’s nuclear weapons development – ‘Plans’


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The Russian company NLMK, which is controlled by the richest Russian businessman Volodymyr Lisin, supplied steel to Russian state enterprises directly involved in the production of nuclear weapons from 2014 until at least 2019. At the same time, Lisin, unlike dozens of other richest Russian oligarchs, not yet on US, EU and UK sanctions lists. Ukraine did not sanction him either.

This is reported by the journalist “Schedio” (Radio Eleftheria).

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“Schem” journalists analyzed data on public procurement in Russia and found that since 2014, electrical steel from Lisina Corporation has been regularly supplied to state-owned enterprises of the Russian Federation, which are directly engaged in the production of nuclear weapons.

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This is the “Russian Federal Nuclear Center – All-Russian Research Institute of Technical Physics named after Academician Zambabahin”.

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Reporters on the procurement of electric steel in 2017. The Zababakhin Institute develops and tests nuclear and thermonuclear munitions.

“NLMK” also cooperated with the Federal State Enterprise “Production Association “North”. There are contracts for the supply of steel for , , , and years. After 2019 the data of the supplies of “North” were not made public. The main activity of Severa is the production of nuclear munitions components.

In addition, the Lisina company cooperated with other enterprises of the defense complex of the Russian Federation. Scientific and industrial association “Electromasina”. It is, among other things, the “Hunter” combat unit.

Electric steel from NLMK in 2017 and Mariy Machine-Building Plant. It deals with the development of anti-aircraft systems.

The Lisina metallurgical empire has subsidiaries in Europe and the USA. Three companies operate in the United States, namely in Indiana and Pennsylvania.

NLMK did not respond to “Scheme’s” request.

According to the investigation, personal sanctions were imposed against Volodymyr Lisin only in Australia. The US, Great Britain, the European Union and Ukraine have not yet imposed sanctions on him, unlike other big businessmen of the Russian Federation. The “Plans” appealed to the authorized bodies of these countries asking for an explanation. The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine noted that they have not yet received proposals to impose sanctions on Lisin from the bodies authorized by law.

The British government said it does not comment on potential future sanctions decisions. The European Commission responded in a similar way – it does not publicly comment on the formation of the lists, because it is “a process that takes place under conditions of confidentiality”. The response from the US agency will be made public immediately upon receipt.

In early September “Plans” for Lisina tankers to bypass the ban on entry into EU ports and deliver oil products to Europe via a transshipment chain at sea.

source: radio svoboda

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