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Men are no longer freed from the occupied south: testimony


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Melitopol mayor Ivan Fedorov wrote on September 22 that Russia did not release some men under the age of 35 from the occupied south. He urged the men to leave the occupied areas urgently as the occupiers are likely to start mobilization there. Radio Donbass The reality is already that the forced mobilization, which is “running” in Donetsk and Luhansk, sooner or later will also start in the newly occupied territories of Ukraine. A few days ago, the occupation administration of Zaporizhia announced the transition to a system of crossing across the demarcation line. However, it appears the restrictions came into effect today.

We looked into Telegram groups where people share information about crossing the Vasylivka checkpoint – the only one between occupied and free Ukrainian territory. We found dozens of testimonies that young men are not allowed to pass through the checkpoint.

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They got off the whole bus with men and women. Different age. When they started leaving 18-35 year olds, the women panicked, the orcs didn’t like it, so they taught everyone who drove» (22.09.22)

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Males from 18 to 35 years old are not allowed. They said it for now until the end of the referendum, and then it is unclear. The guards said even today that they will not let the girls in either (22.09.22)

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“ZAraz familiar woman standing on a plate. He said they really don’t release men aged 18-35, even 36 year olds are admitted reluctantly. Their 17.5-year-old children do not want to be released(22.09.22)

“Good day. We are standing in Vasylivka – Dniprorudne direction. By the age of 35, everyone has developed – men and women(22.09.22)

No. MEN FROM 18 TO 35 WILL NOT BECOME IMPORTERS. I am currently on my way out. Not a single man between 18 and 35 passed, they all fell» (22.09.22)

“I went yesterday, they let all the 18-35 year olds go (22.09.22)

Today, 18-35 also fell. They turned back. I am 36, they said: Go, lucky one (22.09.22)

They won’t let me out, I was driving yesterday, our bus turned around(23.09.22)

My bus returned yesterday, 11 people from 25 to 34 years old returned, with women and children(23.09.22)

Also, the Department of Strategic Communications of the Ministry of Defense published a photo of what is said to be a document of the occupying administration of Melitopolis for the requirement to receive a document from the so-called Military Chamber to leave the city:

The mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, calls on men of this age to leave immediately. “It is necessary now either to try to leave in the direction of Zaporizhia, or to choose an alternative route – in the direction of Georgia through the temporarily occupied Crimea,” he notes.

We also reported on how violently mobilized citizens can be surrendered as prisoners:

Olga Gusul


We work on both sides of the dividing line. If you live in ORDLO and want to share your story, write to us at , or call the answering machine 0800300403 (free). Your name will not be

source: radio svoboda

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