Top WorldIn the mock referendum in Berdyansk, people vote without...

In the mock referendum in Berdyansk, people vote without documents – the deputy head of the regional council


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Viktor Dudukalov, the deputy head of the Berdyansk regional council, told the RFE/RL program that he knows the facts of voting in the so-called occupation referendum, even without electoral documents.

“They (occupation forces – ed.) walk around Berdyansk and the Berdyansk region on a so-called yard or apartment tour. Overriding individuals in the composition of one to three so-called members of their electoral committees. They have an “orc” with them (Russian Army – ed.) or two – armed. They come to people’s homes and just offer to vote. Moreover, they are not even bothered by the fact that they are undocumented. People say, “Well, we don’t have documents.” Or they don’t want to show. There are stories like that. And they don’t care at all, they say, let’s vote and that’s it,” Dudukalov said.

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Due to war and hostilities, the editors are unable to independently verify these accounts.

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He also noted that the Ukrainian security forces are waiting for more accurate information about the persons who helped organize the fake referendum.

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“There is a lot of information waiting for these people, for partners, for participation in committees. Those who participate in the organization of referendums will be punished”, he stressed.

Commands appointed by Russia in part of the Ukrainian territories occupied by Moscow, 23 September , which Moscow plans to use to annex them. The occupation authorities planned them for September 23-27.

After the occupying forces announced their intention to hold so-called referendums that this vote would have no real consequences, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called on international partners to condemn the intention of the Russian Federation to hold “fake referendums” in the occupied territories. It is low to hold fictitious referendums.

The White House said Russia was trying to carry out the so-called and Washington does not recognize the results of such a vote.

source: radio svoboda

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