Top WorldIn Dagestan they are protesting the mobilization, shooting is...

In Dagestan they are protesting the mobilization, shooting is heard


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In the Russian region of Dagestan, in Andirey village of Khasavyurt region, local residents staged a spontaneous protest against the mobilization. According to the Radio Liberty program, more than a hundred people are participating in the protest.

On the network, users report that people have blocked the highway and police have fired shots into the air. However, the protesters do not disagree.

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Chernovyk newspaper reports that 110 people, including those recently returned from the army, were called to Andirei as part of the mobilization. The regional interior ministry did not comment.

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Earlier, in Dagestan’s Babayurtiv region, anti-mobilization protesters also blocked the highway. In the city of Bakshan in Kabardino-Balkaria, local residents gathered for a spontaneous rally against the mobilization – several dozen people came to the square in front of the administration.

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From the regions of southern Russia and the North Caucasus, there are reports of violations during the mobilization for the war in Ukraine. In particular, in Dagestan, many parents of minor children, men without combat and military experience, etc., are taken to mobilization points.

According to the “OVD-Info” portal, until September 25, at least 796 people were arrested in 33 Russian cities due to protests, almost half of the total number – in Moscow.

On the morning of September 21, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, announced to the country “in connection with the situation in Ukraine.” He stated that citizens who are in the reserve will be drafted. First of all, we are talking about those who served in the ranks of the armed forces, and also have certain military accounting specialties and experience.

However, numerous testimonies and videos shared by Russians on the Internet show that people with no military experience and who violate other requirements for joining the military are being mobilized.

The mobilization in the Russian Federation has caused a mass exodus of Russians who may be drafted into the army, as well as relatively few protests, which have been violently dispersed by security forces.

source: radio svoboda

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