Top WorldUkraine asks the US to provide ATACMS, but on...

Ukraine asks the US to provide ATACMS, but on the condition that it informs about the targets


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Ukraine offers the US to provide “full and permanent information” about Russian targets that the Armed Forces of Ukraine want to strike. Kyiv took this step to supply ATACMS tactical missiles, which have a range of 300 kilometers. He writes about it citing officials familiar with the progress of the negotiations.

According to the broadcaster, such transparency effectively gives the US the right to veto missile attacks. Kyiv expects that Washington will be convinced of the impossibility of escalating the war with the help of American weapons and will start supplying ATACMS.

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“In administration [Байдена] they fear they give ATACMS missiles longer range [ніж поставляються зараз HIMARS] may be seen as crossing a ‘red line’ in Moscow’s eyes, making the United States a direct party to the conflict,” writes CNN.

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Despite Ukraine’s offer, the Biden administration has yet to approve the delivery of ATACMS long-range weapons and says Ukraine is doing well with the HIMARS systems it currently has.

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At the same time, according to CNN, the Biden administration does not rule out ATACMS procurement, but at this time such a step would have “low benefit and high risk.”

ATACMS could help the Armed Forces strike remote logistics lines, air defense assets, military bases and ammunition depots. In particular, long-range weapons will be able to combat those that the Armed Forces have not yet adapted to.

source: radio svoboda

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